Sunday, June 6, 2010

Oh Yeah, My Blog

Baseball has been going on all spring and will continue this summer. It has been a really fun season watching the kids and they have all done very well. Tyler's team is 12-2-1 with just two games left, and Bailey & Trevin have also done really well in their games, but they don't keep score.
We also spent the week before Memorial Day in California, visiting a bunch of theme parks: Disneyland, California Adventure, Universal Studios, Sea World and the San Diego Zoo. It was a lot of walking, but of course it was a great time. It was so fun to go with almost the entire family. Hopefully we all be able to do it again in the future.
So that's a quick synapsis of the past 6 weeks, or so. The good news, I do have quite a bit of new funnies to share, so enjoy:

We were at the dinner table and Carol had made a pizza that was half pepperoni-half Canadian bacon pineapple. There were two pieces left on the pan; one of each. I asked: “Who wants one of these last two pieces?” Trevin raised his hand and said “me!” I asked which one he wanted and he picked pepperoni. I then asked: “who wants the other one?” On cue, Ammon, who was apparently paying close attention, raised his little hand as high in the air as he could and just looked at me, like ok, now what? We all got a good laugh, which brought a big smile from little Ammon.

Carol was at Wal-Mart with the three younger boys and her mom. They passed by the lingerie section and it was close to a rack with several bras. Caden, who was walking hand-in-hand with grandma, pointed and said to her: “Hey, that’s what my mom uses.”

Caden and I were talking on a Monday morning about his experience in nursery the day before. It is divided into two classes (older and younger). Caden just started going a few months ago so he stays on the younger side, which is where the not-so-happy-to-be-in-nursery kids go. He was telling me that there were no boys in his class. I told him he could go to the other side and that there were boys in that one. He said, “no, they bother me.”

Then, in the same conversation, I told him that next year he would go to primary and be in the Sunbeams. He replied: “Yeah, but I can’t sit in the chair all day long.”

I was walking out of the kids room after putting them to bed and Trevin said: “Dad, I can’t wait till tomorrow.” I asked him: “Why, because you get to go to preschool?” he replied: “No, cuz they’re getting hair cuts on Biggest Loser.” Like Christmas all over again.

We saw the very end of an episode of The Amazing Race and they were in China. The tallest man in the world was there to greet the contestants. I told the kids of his status. The next night while lying in bed, Trevin says: “Tyler, that guy is the tallest guy on the earth?” Tyler replied: “Yep, I think so.” Trevin then asked: “Even taller than Bishop?” Tyler: “Yep.” Trevin then said: “Wow.”

Trevin said to Carol the other day: “I need to do your hair.” Carol asked: “What are you going to do?” He replied: “I’m going to do amazing things to your hair.” After both laughed a few seconds, Trevin then said, “Now, that’s a blogger.”

We had the missionaries over for dinner and Bailey, who has been learning about bugs at school, shared some rather interesting, but not so realistic “facts” about spiders; which she claimed she read in a book in the non-fiction section. Carol and I tried to correct her, then after everyone had put in their two cents, Trevin shook his head smiling and said in a very adult, “are you serious” kind of tone: “Wow Bailey, Wow.”


Kenz said...

hahaha oh man your kids crack me up every time! where do they get this stuff? my favorite was: "No, cuz they're getting haircuts on Biggest Loser." Awesome.

Ging said...

I'm glad you were finally able to go so the Mouse and the whale.Hurray! The quotes were, as usual, worth repeating. I am thinking about a haircut, should I wait until I see Trevin?

Ging said...

see... (sigh)