Sunday, June 27, 2010

Can't Wait To Eat Wheat!

So big news for Caden. We took him to see an allergist because his skin continues to suffer from eczema. We really wanted to know what was causing it because we have eliminated wheat, dairy, peanut and soy, but he seems to be getting worse. Well, according to the allergist trying to pinpoint was causes eczema is not very easy. So he focuses on treating it. Caden is taking steroids (in a cream form) for the really bad spots. He’s also taking Zyrtec and getting a bath each night. In addition to that, he gets all greased up twice a day to help relieve the itch. According to the allergist, if we didn't scratch it, eczema wouldn't exist. So far, the worst spots on his skin are really improving and he looks a lot better.

Now, here's the real kicker. They did a skin test on him to see what he is actually allergic to. They tested him by poking him with tiny little instruments (not needles) for several foods and a few other things. He did great and in the end, the only food that he tested positive for was cow's milk. Wheat, peanut and soy were all negative. He also tested positive for the grass mix and for dust mites, but the dust mites were a weaker positive. We are very excited because this opens so many food possibilities for Caden. We have already been telling him about being able to eat wheat. We are trying to wait to till his skin clears up completely, just to see if he has a reaction to it, but we have already given in a couple times. And for the record, his skin has not reacted adversely yet. So that is the good news regarding Caden.

And here are a couple funnies from the last week: I mentioned that we have given Caden wheat a couple times already. One of those times was yesterday. We took the kids to Wendy's (their choice) because Tyler and Bailey got good report cards. We let Caden get chicken nuggets. As he started to eat them, we told him he was eating eat. He asked, "Where?' So we told him about the nuggets. After we were all done with the meal Carol asked Caden if he liked the chicken nuggets. He replied: "Yeah. I love wheat."

I was doing a minor repair on our outdoor play set and had Ammon in the swing, cuz Carol was vacuuming the van. I asked Bailey to watch Ammon for a second while I went to the garage for another drill bit. We hadn't asked her to, but she had the push broom and was doing some sweeping. I got sidetracked when I realized I needed to switch the laundry and later, from a phone call. When I finally got back I told Bailey I was sorry for taking so long. She said as she walked off: "That's OK. More playing with Ammon, and less brooming."

The kids take turns riding home from church with me, if I don't have to stay after late. Last week, it was Trevin's turn and it was a hilarious ride. I can't really recap it here, because you kind of had to be there, but I'll try a little bit. As we passed by a car who was going to be turing onto the road we were on, Trevin said: "Ha ha, that car had to wait for us." Later he was saying how he wished the rain would go away and rain on everyone in other states, and then he added in a sinister tone: "That would be funny." I told him that we need some rain, but he assured me that we could just water everything with the hose. He was also keeping track of the traffic both in front of us and behind us. At one point he said: "There are no cars behind us." I said: "Nope, there aren't any cars behind us, but there are some boogers." He simply replied in an "oh please, come on, grow up" kind of tone: "Dad."

And here's a shot of Ammon taking a stand. Not quite walking, but he's close.


Kenz said...

YEAHHH WHEAT! I am so happy he gets to have a REAL doughnut and REAL bread and REAL Life Cereal! Wahoooo! P.S. your children are stinkin' hilarious. I'll babysit them anytime.

Deon said...

So interesting with the eczema, Emmett has it too but only in Utah. When I am in WA, he is as clear as can be. The dermatologist has me put cortizone on it covered by Cereva cream(really thick stuff). That seems to keep him clear but I wonder what is the difference? Water? Air?