Tuesday, June 22, 2010

That's A Lousy Knuckleball!

Well, sometimes life just throws you a curveball that you don't have any answers for. We got word today that this whole season Tyler has been playing out of his Little League's boundaries. We specifically asked several times, including when we signed up, if that was the right league. We were assured that it was.

Turns out, though, that we live three blocks outside of the boundary and he should have been in the Evergreen league and not the Central league. So what does that mean? It means that he will no longer be able to participate on the All-Star team; an opportunity which he earned, and for which he has been practicing every day for two hours, for the last week. It's so lousy. Of course, he took it very hard, and Trevin, who adores his big brother and baseball-mate, probably took it just as hard. It just isn't fair, and it really stinks as a parent because there really isn't anything we can say to help ease the hurt.

I wish the people who are making these kinds of decisions would forget about the politics and the winning, and think about the kids. If they could have seen Tyler when we broke the news, maybe they would care, but my guess is, probably not.


Ging said...

Tyler YOU Earned that spot. Nothing can change the facts. Life is a lot like sports- both are full of boundaries and politics. In sports as in life you are a true champion because of Your choices and not those of others.I am so sorry this happened to you.

sleye1 said...

Ty - you're still (and will always be) a TRUE All-Star. Someday when you're an MLB All-Star, you can tell this story when you're on the cover of Sports Illustrated.