Sunday, April 25, 2010

Happy Birthday Caden!

Hey everyone. I tried to post a video of the kids singing a few times, but for some reason it just never worked. So it hasn't actually been as long as it seems since I tried to blog. Anyways, the baseball season is in full swing now. Tyler's team is 3-2 so far and they are improving each game. He has pitched a few times and his first time out he struck out 7 batters in 3 innings. He has hit pretty well, too, but his hardest hit ball was caught by the other team, which surprised the kid who caught it. Sometimes it just goes that way. But it was a sweet shot nonetheless.

Bailey and Trevin had their first game on Saturday and both did really well. Trevin is only 4 still, and technically you can't play coach-pitch until your 5 and 1/2, but he already throws and hits like a 7-year-old. So far, it has been fun being their coach.

Caden turned three on Friday and on Saturday his grandparents came over and we celebrated with him. He really enjoyed opening his gifts and we really enjoyed watching him. He is doing well since his surgery which was almost two weeks ago. By noon that day, he was up and around like nothing had ever happened. His snoring has improved, but he still hasn't completely kicked the snotty nose.

Ammon turned 10 months on the 20th and finally, the day before, he started to crawl. He has scooted and turned himself every-which-way to get around for several months. Now, he has finally figured out the crawl.

As for Carol and I, we are discovering that having 5 growing kids involved in several activities leaves little time for anything. Life just keeps getting busier and of course, it will only get worse the older they get. But they are what our life is all about. Well here are some funnies and a of course some pics.

Trevin was cleaning up some of his messes, including my two hats. He ran down the hall with the Cowboys hat, which he got out. I said: “Take this one, too.” He said: “Caden got it out.” I told him: “It doesn’t matter, take this one, too. You’re going down there anyways,” then I tossed him my Red Sox hat down the hall. He said: “Nice Throw.” I said “Thanks,” but as I was finishing the “s” he yelled out: “Not.”

Trevin and Tyler asked me to play hotbox, but I was busy getting some conference info online for a friend. I told them: “Not right this minute; I’m doing something.” Trevin then said: “Every time we ask you if you want to do something, you’re on the computer.” I pleaded: “Every time?” He said yep, every time. Tyler then stood up for me and said: “Not every time, Trevin. Sometimes he’s on the couch.”

Bailey and Caden were at the table eating breakfast and Bailey called out: “I need a napkin.” Caden then said to her: “That’s not how we talk Bailey. We say, ‘Please can I have a napkin?’ That’s how we talk at the table, Bailey.”

We were watching one of Tyler’s baseball games and they were doing really well. Trevin asked me who was winning, so I told him the score. I then said: “If they win you’re taking everyone out for ice cream.” He smiled his big Trevin smile and said no he wasn’t. I asked him why not and he again with the smile he replied: “Because I don’t have a license.”

We were getting the kids ready for bed and saying prayers with them. We asked Bailey to do something and an argument ensued. It had been a rough evening with her and she apparently had had enough. She got up, headed to the hall, then stopped and said: “Dad, I’ve had a horrible day of arguing with you. I’m finished!” Then she stormed off to her room as we all (including her in her room) had a good laugh.


sleye1 said...

We sure love those little people of yours - thanks for sharing.

Ging said...

You are so great at documenting funnies. I still fool myself into believing I will remember when I have a minute to write them down. it doesn't work out so well. Happy Birthday Caden.We love you