Monday, June 21, 2010

Happy Birthday, Boys!

Well, we had another birthday, actually two; so that means I need to update the blog again. Trevin turned 5 on June 13th and Ammon celebrated number 1 on June 20th. Trevin got a new batting helmet, batting gloves and a Red Sox hat cuz he lost his other one. He also got some new duds, so here's a picture of him in his "birthday suit."

Ammon enjoyed his celebration. We got him a plastic bat and some balls. he immediately started hitting the balls as soon as we got them opened up. He's a Livingston. He also really enjoyed his birthday cake. He is really starting to motor around and it probably won't be long before he's walking.

Earlier, the same day that we celebrated Trevin’s b-day, the kids finished up their spring baseball seasons. They did well, and Trevin even surprised me and decided to bat left-handed in his final at-bat. He got a hit, so I guess his plan to be a switch-hitter is underway. Bailey had a good season, too. Plus, she has recently re-discovered the joy of riding a bike without training wheels.
Tyler’s team finished 14-2-1 and really dominated just about everyone they played. And last week, we got the good news that he made the All-Star team. Only 13 kids are on the team and he’s the only one who made it that didn’t play last year. Plus, he’s one of just three nine-year-old that made it. They are practicing hard for two weeks then playing their district tournament starting June 28th.

In other news, both Tyler and Trevin will be having surgery on June 30th. Tyler will have his adenoid taken out, just like Caden did a couple months ago. Trevin has an enlarged lymph node in his neck that will be removed so they can do biopsy on it. We’re obviously praying that it will be nothing.

Work has changed a little for me recently. I still do the same job, but actually work a couple hours less a week. However, I now work for another shipping company besides FedEx, and actually get paid by two companies to do the same job. It’s all on the up and up, and really an amazing blessing how it all worked out. And, it even has the potential to get better real soon. I’ll keep you posted. Well that’s about all folks, but don’t forget the photos & funnies:

We recently joined Netflix and we were watching one of my favorites as a kid, Pee Wee’s Big Adventure. The movie was almost over and Trevin said to Carol in all sincerity: “I’m really enjoying this movie.”

We were at the kids’ baseball practice and Caden asked Carol, regarding Ammon’s sippy cup: “Is it orange juice?” Carol told him it was apple juice. He then asked if he could have a drink, but Carol told him “no.” He then replied: “Why? Is it gonna kill me?”

Trevin got down from the table without finishing his breakfast and said he was full. He was actually just distracted by me blowing up the pool. I told him to get back up and finish or he wasn’t going to do anything else until he did. I added, “You’re not full.” He replied: “I’m serious. My tummy is so full. I think I need to be on The Biggest Loser.”

Caden was using the facilities and he was taking a long time. I mean a really long time. So after asking him many times if he was done, he finally said yes. I then said, “So you’re finally done, huh?” he replied, no joke: “Yeah, with you.” I said: “Heeeeey”, and then he let out a real ha ha ha ha type of laugh.

We have been making Trevin write the alphabet, as well his full name, twice a day for several months now. He has to do them before he gets to play the Wii and watch any videos or baseball highlights. So he was working on them the other day and said: “Oh, that would be a great ‘L’…if ‘L’ were next to ‘B.’”

I was up in the attic and Trevin decided to go out in the garage and keep me company. He was climbing all over my truck and when I got down for a second I noticed he had no shoes on. I said something to him about it and he said: “So, I don’t care. I’m the king. I’m the king of the Jungle.”

When Caden has his surgery, he had a nurse who’s name was Bambi. So the other day we were talking about the boys’ upcoming surgery, and Trevin said he wanted to have nurse Bambi when he had his surgery. However, we told him that he and Tyler would be going to a different hospital, so he wouldn’t get Bambi. Then Caden chimed in and said in a sympathetic, but “be tough” kind of tone: “It’s OK, Trevin. You’ll be fine.”

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Oh my Minerva those children of yours are as cute as the things they say. That is Really cute.