Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Happy Number 2, Ammon (And 6, Trevin)

It has already been two years since Ammon joined our family. Amazing how fast time goes. He has been a wonderful addition to our home and he makes us laugh every day. Ammon likes sports like his brothers and recently has taken a real liking to wrestling. He goes after anyone in the family and really enjoys coming up behind his siblings when they least expect it; he then grabs them in a bear hug and pulls them down. He is quite strong and can even throw Trevin down if he grabs him just the right way. Ammon is also a real Daddy's boy right now. Every time we get out of the van he demands to get out on Dad's side. He also typically only wants Dad to get him out of bed. It is nice to be loved. We celebrated Ammon and Trevin's birthdays on Saturday. So here are few pics of our little guy and one of his older "twin" brother, Trevin. What a couple of handsome boys!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Tyler Is An All-Star

And this year, they can't take it away from him. Tyler was officially voted on to the Evergreen Little League 9/10 All-Star team tonight. After last year's bitter-sweet selection, it was so nice to make it again this year. And this time, he'll be able to play. Practices start tomorrow and the tournament starts on June 27th. It should be fun and exciting. So congratulations to Tyler. You deserve it!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Life Is Full Of Great Things

Wow, a couple of exciting weeks in the Livingston family. First, Bailey was baptized on June 11, and it was a special occasion. She gave the talk on baptism and did a wonderful job. The spirit was quite strong throughout and it was a really nice service. Many family members and friends attended and it was just a great day for Bailey and our family. We are so proud of her!
Trevin, who just turned 6 yesterday, also lost his first tooth just last week. Carol surprised him and just pulled it out. His permanent one is already well on its way in. I caught the happy boy just after it was pulled and even with blood dripping don his face, he still flashed that wonderful Trevin smile. The tooth fairy came and left him a dollar and a little Twix bar. We asked him what he got and he said a Twix and a dollar. Then said: "Man, I was hoping for $100."
Tyler had a big week of baseball. His team was the number one seed in the tournament and after barely winning their first game, they lost the second one 1-0 on Saturday. His team got only one hit; a double by Tyler. So with the lost, they had to play another game right after that. They won that game 4-2 and then had to play the team they lost to on Saturday, on Monday night. The pressure was heavy and Tyler wilted. He just couldn't overcome his nerves and had a really rough game, until he pitched and got the giant out (seriously, the kid is 6 feet and 230 lbs). That helped him snap out of it. They held on to win 13-10, which set up tonight's game.

Both teams now had a loss, and this would settle the championship. It was a close game all the way, but they held on and won 4-2. And Tyler looked like a different kid. He didn't look nervous or scared and had a great game. He walked and scored, struck out on a foul tip catch had a solid single to left. He also made three catches at 2nd base, two of which were really nice plays. And then he came on to pitch in the top of the sixth with the bases loaded and only one out. He got the first guy to ground out, then struck the last guy out looking. It was so fun to watch and we were so proud of how he overcame the nerves; because that has been his biggest battle all season long. When he got that last out, he celebrated like a champion and that is what he is; as a person.
The kids did a lot of celebrating afterwards, which the rest of our kids really enjoyed, cuz they got to go play on the field. Here's Caden on the mound.
And this is Ammon at home getting in some batting practice with his brothers.
It has been an exciting time recently, and here's what's coming up: Tomorrow, Tyler finds out if he makes the 9-10 year-old All-Star team. On Saturday, Bailey and Trevin will finish off their baseball season, and then later we will celebrate both Trevin and Ammon's birthdays (he will be two on Monday). And of course, Thursday is the last day of school so summer break should be fun. That's a wrap for now. The Lord has truly blessed the Livingston's.