Wednesday, September 29, 2010

It's OK Everyone; Calm Down...Yes, I Am Still Alive

OK, so it’s been forever; I know. I can’t possibly recap all that has taken place since I last updated the blog. But I’ll try anyways...just kidding. But here are some of the highlights. We had a good summer, but didn’t do anything major. We built a fire pit in our back yard, which the kids really enjoyed, especially making smores several times throughout the summer. I introduced the kids to Capture the Flag, and we spent many evenings playing that this summer, as well.

In August, we went to Eugene for a weekend to visit as my brother Scott and his family were in town from Utah; including Isaac, who returned from his mission. We decided that this would be a good opportunity for the 4 oldest kids to get their first taste of being away from home. It was with much trepidation (more on their part) that we left. They were just going to stay a couple of days, but ended staying the entire week. It was good for everyone, except maybe Ammon, who was quite bored without his siblings around.

Of course with September here, the kids have started school. Tyler is in 4th grade now, Bailey in Second and Trevin started kindergarten. They are doing very well and all enjoy school. They even help out by making their own lunches every night before they go to bed. It was a little tough for Caden at first, but he has gotten over it, thanks to the Wii and his mother’s iPhone. But of course we read to him every day, before he has those privileges.

Coming up, we are looking forward to General Conference this weekend, and then later this month, we are taking the kids to go see the Wiggles. They are all quite excited. It should be a lot of fun. We also get to go see the Blazers play a team scrimmage this Friday night, thanks to some passes from the Priebe’s. They will all enjoy that, for sure. Overall, we are all doing well and thankful for the many blessings the Lord has provided us with, including a more blessings in the employment department. And yes, Carol and I finally got our own cell phones. And yes the iPhone 4 is amazing and it has changed our life. Well, that’s a pretty lightweight recap of the last two and a half months, but at least I have some funnies stored up (and pics, too), so enjoy!

Bailey noticed a wedding announcement in the recycle pile and asked Carol if she was really throwing it away? Carol told her yes and then I said: “Don’t worry Bailey; we’ll keep yours when you get married.” Then Carol told the kids about the different ones she still had from family members. Bailey then asked: “Will you keep ours when we get married?” Apparently, she didn’t hear me. Carol told her yes, but then Trevin said: “They’ll already be dead by then.” I questioned him, and he said: “I think so.” Bailey then replied: “You can’t say that unless you’re sure they’re going to be dead.”

The kids were playing in the playroom and Caden came into my room and said: “Dad, we’re trying to attack Tyler.” I said: “You are, huh?” He replied, “Yeah, cuz he’s annoying.”

Carol and her mom took the kids to OMSI, a scientific museum, and they have an unborn Baby display, where you can see what real babies look like during the development process. Carol said that some of them during the first few weeks are pretty creepy looking. I said a lot of them are creepy looking. Then I said: “and some of them, when they’re born, are still creepy looking. Bailey then said: “You mean like Ammon?”

Carol and I talked about getting iPhones for a long time, especially the new iPhone 4. In our many conversations, we mentioned that it would not be fun to take all 5 kids to go sign up for the service. In August, we were discussing the possibility of leaving the kids with my parents for a few days. Bailey said: “You guys should go to Blackberry or Verizon or something.” We laughed, then she said: “What? I’ve been listening to your conversations that ‘we need to go when the kids aren’t here.’”

Ammon was walking around in just a diaper and Bailey said: “He looks so cute in that outfit.”

I caught Tyler in a pick and then he went to wipe it on the ground. I said: “You better find that booger and clean it up with a tissue, or I’m gonna pick one and make you eat it; from someone else’s nose.” Bailey heard and volunteered: “Pick mine. I have the driest boogers ever.”

Tyler told Carol that they watched a video in Primary called “A Pioneer Miracle.” She asked him if he liked it and he said: “Yeah, but I knew they weren't gonna die, because it was called ‘A Pioneer Miracle.’”

I asked Caden one morning: “What do you want to do?” He replied, referring to the Wii,: “I want to play sword fighting with not you, so you don’t cry.” This response came because we had played another time and when I knocked him in the water he started to pout. So when he knocked me in, I began to fake cry, which he did not enjoy.

Tyler has the ability to scream at a very high pitch. I often tell him: “Stop screaming like a girl!” So I had him pinned down and was tickling him and he was really letting it go. I said to carol: “Lets record this and show all his friends that he screams like a girl” Tyler replied, while still laughing: “They already know.”

We have been talking about getting another twin bed, so Caden move out of the Toddler bed, as he is really outgrowing it. So we were telling him that each of the kids would move to a new bed up the proverbial seniority ladder. We said he would get Trevin’s bed, unless Trevin wanted to keep it, and then he would get Bailey’s bed instead. He then said with a very concerned and incredulous look on his face: “In the princess bed?”

Where did that boy learn to scowl?
Bailey Lightyear
This is my mess and love it!
Desperately in need of a haircut, which he recently got
You're out
Mario Bros.
Killer Stash
Future Bethoven
One Busy Lady
Keep your eye on the ball
A swingin' good time
First day of school
A piece of waffle that looks like a squirrel. Too much Alvin and the Chipmunks, lately?
That dinner was just too tiring
Hard at work at the office
A helping hand
My little princess
Doing the haka to make the ball move
Move over you lousy driver
I think this fits here
Baseball stars
Portrait Shots, by Carol
A Day at Omsi
Look, we're pretty
Bowling with the Priebe's
Ammon gettin' a lift from Claire
The grapes of wrath
Sticky goodness
On the outside looking in
We prepare to sacrifice our kids to the fire gods
I'm beat, what can I say?
Uh m, could someone please close my mouth if I fall asleep on the couch.
I'm a happy boy, cuz I have no pants
Swimming pool fun
Life guard
Watching fireworks from the back of the van
Tyler's brief moment with a mohawk
Good stuff


Ging said...

Nice up-date. Your children really are very funny and that book you are writing with all of their comments should pay for college- for at least one.

So has the new i-phone changed your life more than say....
marriage or the gospel? Or is it a tie?

Deon said...

Nice funnies! Love to hear about the kids and you two as well!