Saturday, November 6, 2010

Who's Ready To Wiggle?

Hey everyone, it's me again. This time I wasn't gone as long, but a lot has happened anyway. To start, the kids enjoyed their visit to the Rose Garden to watch the Blazers play an intra-squad scrimmage. They also really liked their trip to Everett to go see The Wiggles in concert. It was a good show and they enjoyed it, although Tyler and Trevin didn't show it much. Caden, of course, loved it. We also enjoyed seeing our good friends the Marshall's, who let us stay at their home. We sure appreciated their hospitality.

The kids got lots of candy as they went trunk-or-treating last Friday and Saturday night. We went with Leslie and Eric to their ward's, then they went with us the next day, to ours. And when you have five kids, that equals a lot of goodies for dad; I mean the kids. Trevin got to go on a school field trip to a pumpkin farm, and he and Carol had a lot of fun. Two Sundays ago the kids had their primary program, and they all did an outstanding job. The kids also had another cousin return home from a mission, about 10 days ago, as Nathan got back from Florida. Carol and the kids got to go greet him at the airport.

We are all looking forward to the upcoming holidays and look forward to seeing family we haven't seen a while. I'm sure there are things I have missed, but if I remembered them all, that would just mean it would take longer to get to the funnies. So here you go...

Caden likes to play Duck, Duck, Goose and he was trying to play with just me and him. He wanted me to get up and run after him, so I did and when I caught him I said to Carol: “Look Mommy, I got me a goose.” Caden began to pout and then he said: “I’m not Mia Goose.”

The kids were in the process of getting ready for bed one night and Trevin ended up on the couch in his underwear. Bailey shouted: “Mom, look at Trevin; he’s being immodest. He’s on the couch in his underwear.” Trevin smiled big and said: “I have my socks on.”

We play a word association game to get the kids to listen to General Conference a little better. We have certain words that are attached to different snacks. If they hear it, they get the snack. It’s still a little advanced for Caden, so he was going to help himself to a raisin, which had “The Spirit” attached to it. I stopped him and said: “You didn’t hear anything.” He replied: “Yeah, he said raisin."

We were at the table and I was just about to ask someone to say the blessing when Caden leaned over to me and says out loud: “You’re a bonehead.” He repeated it a couple times, then I calmly asked him: “Who taught you that?” Then, much to everyone’s surprise, especially Carol’s, he replied: “Umm, Mom.”

Tyler saw the Wiggles when he was about three, with his cousin Caleb. After the show, with a little luck they happen to run into two of the Wiggles, Jeff and Murray. So a day or two before we were going to see the Wiggles this time he said to us, in all seriousness: “I wonder if Murray will recognize me?” We had a good laugh, then Carol said: “Tyler, do you know how many kids Murray sees?” He replied: “Yeah, like two Tylers a month.”

Trevin has reached the age of trying to develop a sense of humor, but it is a big work in progress. The other night he said to Tyler: “Knock, knock.” Tyler replied “who’s there?” Trevin: “Poo poo.” Tyler: “Poo poo, who?” Trevin paused and you could see the wheels turning; and then he said: “Horse-cow.” We were all stunned at his brilliance, and he got a good laugh at himself. Like I said, it's a work in progress.

Wiggle Time

Hiding behind the couch

Welcome home, Nathan
Having fun at the airport
Giddy-up Horsey

Lots of pumpkin pie filling

Where did I put that tissue?
Drivers beware!
Waiting for the Wiggles to start
More illegal driving
So, do you need a napkin?
Ah shucks...
Not a Mets fan, but it kept him happy at the store
Not so happy about his haircut
Blazers game

Playing in the rocks

Oh, how cute. Tyler even did this pose on his own.


Nani Poteat said...

Love the kids' costumes, very creative. Such a cute bunch!

Michael said...

I am still ready to wiggle, still waiting...