Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Name That Ailment

This is our Little Ammon on Monday morning. It actually started Sunday afternoon with a few little blotches here and there. What is it, you ask? Well like the title says; you try to guess it.

And this is Ammon on Tuesday morning. This just proves that he has Asian in him.

Here is how he looked on Tuesday afternoon, still able to smile through it all.
And this is him on wednesday morning. "Cover me, I'm hideous."
And this was how he looked on Saturday during our day at the park on the first day of Spring. It almost reached 70 that day and we had a picnic, played on the playground, and of course, played some baseball.

Ammon gettin' into the swing of things
Bailey unhappy about the fit of her batting gloves.
It's a hit!
Nice follow-through
See how far it flies
Tyler and Caden showin' some love...


Ging said...

Roseola? Scarlet Fever... it looks like it was painful and awful. Please do tell..

Brandon Hunter Family said...

I had a pretty gnarly case of hives last summer that looked a lot like that. If it comes and goes and they shift around and aren't always in the same "spots" (ha ha) it could be hives due to some kind of allergy. They are so miserable and itch like crazy! I hope he gets well soon. Have you seen a doctor?

Kenz said...

oh my goodness that poor baby! I got little red spots when I went off of gluten, but nothing that bad. Did he have an allergic reaction to something?

Roxanne said...

Is he allergic to something? poor guy, although it's just as bad for the parents who have to freak out and worry about it! Tell us what it was. I'm very curious.

Deon said...

strange looking spots. Did you change anything like laundry detergent or foods for him, anythin new introduced? Poor guy although he looks really happy all the time. Kids are funny. We as parents wonder and they just move on through it.