Thursday, December 3, 2009

We Were All Just "Wigging" Out

Hey there; are you ready for some more funnies. I’ve got them, but first just a quick recap. We had a good Thanksgiving in Eugene and the kids were sad to go. Carol and I got up early on Black Friday (not as early as we usually do), but didn’t get anything exciting. Life roles on as usual and we’re getting ready for Christmas like everyone else. We plan to put up decorations Friday and get our tree on Saturday. Many of us are also battling colds: Carol, Trevin, Caden (plus ear infection), and Ammon are all sick. Tyler and Bailey have mild symptoms, and lucky me, I’m still healthy. Well here are the latest and greatest funnies and lots of fun photos, too…

We were in the parking lot of Toys R Us and an old guy on a Harley rode through the lot. He had a raccoon tail (don’t know if it was fake or real) attached to some part of the pack of his bike. It was really old school. Tyler saw it and asked what it was. I said: “A dead rat.” Not picking up on the joke, he asked: “Does he know it’s there?”

I don’t know about your local JC Penney’s, but in our store you have to go right through the lingerie section to get to the kids' section. It really is a bad set-up. So we were on our way out of the store and of course had to go back through there. We had just the three younger boys with us, but we still kind of rushed through. However, Caden still doesn’t keep up that well and while lagging behind apparently he noticed a couple of female mannequins dressed in their skivvies. I turned around to see how far back he was, as he pointed at one and said in his cute little 2-year-old voice: “He naked.” As I started laughing, he then said: “He wearing a, a, a pull-up.”

Carol was getting dinner ready and wasn’t doing anything out of the ordinary, but Caden apparently thought so, because he blurted out: “What the heck? What are you doing, Carol?”

Caden is mostly good-natured these days, but he can be very ornery when he chooses. I got home from work one night and the first thing he told me was that Carol wouldn’t let him have any dots candy; and he was not happy about that. A couple minutes later Carol asked him if he had had an accident, because he asked her if he was wearing a pull-up. He told her “no!” I was standing next to him and here is how the rest of the conversation went with me and him. And note that his tone was grumpy and quite terse. Me: “Do you need to go potty?” C: “NO!” Me: “Are those your new jeans?” C: “NO!” Me: “I like them.” C: “NO! You don’t like them!”

We were doing our tithing settlement and Bishop Priebe told us that we love having the Livingston’s in the Oakhurst Ward. I then said to the kids: “Do we love being in the Oakhurst Ward?” The boys started to nod their heads yes, and then Bailey said: “Well I guess Birds didn’t cuz they moved out.”

Tyler is starting to get imaginative with his friends at school. He came home with this little piece of paper that he created and although he meant “business card”, he said: “Look dad, I made my own index card.”

Anyone want to hire him? Apparently he (or his friend “Stan”) can solve mysteries or just knock someone off that’s giving you problems.

We were getting ready to go to the park while we were in Eugene for Thanksgiving, and I told all the kids to go use the bathroom first. So Trevin and Tyler are racing to the bathroom and Trevin said: “Tyler, I have to go really bad.” Tyler then responded: “We can both go at the same time.” Trevin then said: “Oh yeah, I forgot; we aren’t girls.”

I told the kids to put away their laundry and Bailey saw a pair of pants on the ground, pointed to them and said: “Dad!” I told her they were Tyler’s but she wasn’t convinced, so she held them up, and I started laughing and said: “See!” But that wasn’t good enough. She said let me see and actually held them up to me. She finally realized that they really were Tyler’s. Trevin said that’s a blog, to which Bailey said: “No, that’s not a blog. I’ll put it on my blog.” So I asked her: “You have a blog?” “Yep,” she said “on my Barbie computer.”

The kids were in bed and I told them how important they were to me. Bailey replied: “I don’t think parents are important.” Tyler said to her: “Oh yeah, if you didn’t have parents, who would make you dinner?” (He went straight for the important stuff, right) She replied: “I would. I would make pizza.” Then, this is how the conversation went until I finally put a stop to it. T: “Oh yeah, how would you take it out of the oven without a heating glove?” B: “I would put four, no five, pairs of socks on.” T: “What if you didn’t have socks?” B: “I would use slippers.” So I guess Bailey is right, parents really aren’t that important. Who knew?

While we were in Eugene for Thanksgiving the kids were looking at mine and my siblings’ senior pictures on the wall. Carol asked Caden which one was me Trevin said he knew which one I was. I challenged him and he pointed to my picture, and then said: “You have ugly hair.” On the plus side, we can rest easy that Trevin will never sport a mullet.
Self-made hoodies. They call these their football helmets

My special little ones...

Looks like a good spot for a nap
This spot ain't bad either
Everyone, let's try on a wig

Me and the Caden man
Carol and her girl
Swinging with Grandpa
Boo and Me
So cool
He just keeps rolling along..."Do you think this will be used against me later in life?"


Das Bird said...
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Das Bird said...

Please tell Bailey that the Birds still love the Oakhurst Ward.

what was i thinking?! said...

Let PI's Tyler and Stan know I may have a case for them soon...

What a great group!

KimnSam said...

Such cute pictures, an alternate title could've been "gettin wiggy wid it." :) I love all the cute Caden quotes.

Deon said...

Hmmm, maybe I need to hire Tyler to take car of Bailey who's spreading rumors that the Birds don't like the Oakhurst Ward? How much does he charge?