Monday, January 11, 2010

What Would He Think If He Ever Saw “Free Willy?”

So a lot has happened since I wasn’t lazy. The holidays came and went just like that, but we had a great time. We went to cut down our Christmas Tree as we always do, and found a really nice one. We spent Christmas Eve and Christmas Day in Eugene with my family. Only one of my siblings who live far away came, though, so it was pretty quiet really. Our kids really had a good Christmas and they always love spending time with their uncle Cory. The boys got baseball equipment and jerseys and several other baseball and football-related gifts. They were pretty happy. Bailey got a new easel as well as magnetic dry-erase board and several accessories for them, which she totally loves. Caden got a little ride-on car (Flinstone-operated) and Ammon got a Red Sox shirt. Gotta start ‘em young. After the day in Eugene, we headed back home so we could celebrate Christmas with Carol’s family on Saturday. The entire gang was present (12 adults & 24 grandkids), except Nathan who is serving a mission. The kids really loved being with their cousins, many of whom they had never met. We spent as much time with them as we could and our kids never got tired of it. It was a lot of fun. There are countless details that could be added, but instead, I’ll just get to the funnies and the photos. Enjoy...

My home teaching companion is named Richard Woods, but everyone calls him “Woody”. His wife and he sent us a Christmas card which was signed: “Marian and Woody.” I read it out loud and then said to Carol: “It’s funny; his name is Richard, but everyone calls him Woody, even his wife.” Tyler must have missed me mention his first name, though, because he asked: “What’s his real name: “Woodurin?”

Caden and I were in the car together and we were going down a street with the giant speed humps. There was a truck in front of me and I did not realize how slow it was going over the humps. As I approached one, I had to hit the brakes pretty hard, because this truck was literally going so slow it was almost parked on top of it, no exaggerating. So I said very quietly: “What the crap? Are you kidding me?” However, it wasn’t quiet enough. Caden responded from the back seat: “Yeah, I am kidding you.”

While taking Caden to the bathroom recently, he said, as I was pulling up his pants: “Can you see my willy?” Before I could I even answer, he asked: “Dad, can I see your willy?”

Caden, Trevin and I sat down to a good old game of Candy Land the other day and after Trevin drew the first card and moved his piece, he said: “Whoever gets to this one first (pointing to the final multi-color square) wins. I’m gonna win. I’m going to crush you guys.”

Then, not even two minutes later, as I was writing the previous comment down, Caden was messing up the game, which caused Trevin a little irritation. He approached me and said: “Dad, can we just give Caden away? Cuz he keeps wrecking up our game.”

I was in with the kids at bedtime, and I climbed up onto Tyler’s bed (top bunk) and said to the other three kids, “I killed Tyler, I squished him.” Tyler started to tell me about his day but Caden said something to me. I didn’t hear him, so I said “what, Caden?” Bailey answered for him and told me that he had said: “Dad, I want to see.” So I asked him: “You want to see what?” He answered: “I want to see Tyler dead.” I told him I was joking, that Tyler wasn’t dead, but he wouldn’t stop till Tyler sat up so he could see him.

I had Ammon and he unfortunately made boom-boom in his pants. Carol was giving Bailey a bath, and Ammon was next, so she didn’t want me to change his diaper. That meant I just had to hold him and wait. I headed into the bathroom and said: “Ammon, your poop stinks.” Bailey, still in the tub commented: “Dad, everyone’s poop stinks.” Before I could even reply, she said: “Well, it does.”

Tyler and Trevin got mini MLB and NFL pennants for Christmas, which are now hanging on their walls. Tyler told me that 19 teams were named after something, then proceeded to point each one out to me. I told him that they were all named after something. So he started picking out some names one by one and I kept explaining what they were named after. He got to the Tennessee Titans, and said “what’s a Titan?” I was trying to write in my journal, so I said look it up in the dictionary. He asked: “You don’t know what a Titan is?” to which I replied “do you?” He then said: “Oh come on, they’re tights.”

Jacob and Ammon
Love that tongue
Alora and Bailey
A bunch of kids

A new Red Sox fan is born
Trevin and Benjamin
Bowling buddies
Devin, Trevin and Kimberly
The "teens & tweens"
Whole lotta grandkids

Dan and Ammon
Kaitlyn, Bailey and Kiersten
Allison and Ammon

Caden couldn't handle the late nights
Rhonda and a sleepy Ammon
Mr. Potato Head

Happy boy in a basket
Pitch it right in here
A boy and his "dum dum"

Santa and the gang
Silly kids Goofy Faces

Christmas Tree cutting

Scary boy

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Ging said...

Great pictures. That little Ammon is adorable- please ship him to me via priority mail. Today. I mean come on the tongue thing is beyond cute. Sorry we couldn't share Christmas. I think next year. If Grandma and Grandpa still live in Eugene we will have to get one more in.