Sunday, June 14, 2009

A Very Happy (And Funny) Birthday Boy!

So it’s that time again. We’ve had another birthday and lots of other things have been going on. Plus, I have a healthy list of funnies to share, but first, yesterday (June 13th) was Trevin’s fourth birthday. Man, how time flies. He has grown up a lot in the last year and it is great to witness the strides he has made. He got to start his special day off with the third week of his All Sports class. And they played Tee-Ball. He is way beyond tee-ball, but he still had a lot of fun and really impressed his teachers. That’s my boy. He opened his presents later in the afternoon and then after Tyler’s last basketball game, we had pizza and cake & ice cream to wrap up his day.

He was pretty excited about his new basketball and he got a new Wii video game, "NBA Live ‘09," which he and Tyler will really enjoy.After all that, we still had a piano recital to go to. Bailey was the first of five and played two songs, including “We Thank Thee, O God, for a Prophet.” Tyler was last and also played two songs, including, “If the Savior Stood Beside Me.” They both did really well. We are pleased with their progress.Now back to Tyler’s game. They played their hearts out and kept it close for a while, but they were overmatched and in the end they lost, again. Tyler played especially well this last game which was nice to see. He made a lot of good plays and after the game the coach from the other team sought me out and complemented Tyler to me. He was very impressed at how well he played for his size (he was always one of the smallest kids out there). “He plays way above himself,” was his comment. It was nice to hear.

Now it’s on to baseball for both Tyler and Bailey in a couple more weeks. Trevin will probably do another round of sports classes, too. Carol is now about two and a half weeks from her due date, and we are hoping for it to come exactly then, on July 1st. We’ll see what happens. So that’s about it. Here are the latest funnies from out little comedians.Bailey has been getting more excited about the baby as the due date gets closer. The other day she announced that: “If it’s a girl, I’m really going to be jumping around in that room.” Then she added, “If it’s a boy, I’ll be jumping around just a little bit.” But that is much better than her comment when Caden was still in the oven. She was the only one who wanted a boy and we asked her what she would do if we had a girl (she wasn’t quite 4 at the time), and she said, no joke: “Throw it in the garbage.” So this is great progress for her in accepting things whatever way they turn out. Either way, she will be a great mini-mom to the new arrival, we’re sure.

So Trevin comes out of the bathroom one evening as he’s getting ready for bed. He heads over to Carol to get his diaper on; all the while he’s singing “Latter-Day Prophets.” He gets to Joseph F. Smith and then says: “Joseph F. Smith is funny.” Carol said: “How come Joseph F Smith is funny?” Trevin replies: “Because he says lots of funny things. Lorenzo Snow, too.” (Just in case you’re a reader that might not be familiar with LDS prophets, Joseph F. Smith died in 1918 and Lorenzo Snow many years before that.)

Then, not two minutes later, Carol sent him back to his room to put his dirty underwear in the laundry basket. Generally we put a clean pair in one of the drawers in the bathroom, so when he get sup he can put them on right after using the bathroom. So, on his way back, he loses his train of thought and stops at the bathroom and puts his dirty ones in the drawer. I asked him if those were clean or dirty. He picked them up, paused, then with vigor, held them up to his nose and gave a good hearty sniff. I started cracking up and headed out to tell Carol. When I finished telling her, Trevin said: “Yeah, and they were yummy.” Seriously, he is a non-stop crack-up. I just wish I was more diligent in writing everything down as soon as he said it.

Later still that evening, Trevin comes to sit on the couch with me and I said something like hey, whoa there buddy, kind of in a funny way I guess, cuz Trevin laughed and said: “Dad, you’re funny.” I asked: “As funny as Joseph F. Smith?” He bluntly replied: “No.”

Many of you who read this know our friends the Birds. One Sunday morning, I looked outside and saw three birds poking around the yard for worms. The kids were at the table and I said, look there are the Birds. All three of them; Wyatt, Wesley and Jason (the three Bird boys) are in our back yard. Then Trevin, who apparently saw another bird fly by, said: “I just saw Deon (the mother Bird) flying.”

So for anyone who doubted me when I said Carol is obsessed with getting a new van, I offer you this. About two weeks before Trevin’s birthday, Carol asked him what he wanted for his birthday. He replied: “A new car.” “What kind of car?” came the reply. Not a Hot Wheels, not a race car, not a remote control car, or any other kind of toy car. Nope, Trevin replied: “A Honda Odyssey. A black one.” And just as a side note: Carol said to me the other day, “So, I was thinking about that van in the shower….” I cannot tell you how many times I have heard similar statements over the past few months. It is unbelievable.

I was in the bathroom the other night shaving and Caden came running in. He called my name: “Daaad.” I said “what?” He said: “I going get your bummy.” He slapped me on the bumper and then ran off laughing.

I put our air conditioner (window unit) in during this recent hot spell and I had Bailey close by helping me. She was actually inside and I was up on the ladder putting the board up to cover the window. I used duct tape to hold it, and I had her hand it to me through the window. When I gave it back to her, she points to it and asks: “This tape is made out of ducks?”

Tyler saw Brenna Priebe (a girl in our ward and the kids piano teacher) driving after church on Sunday, and said to Carol, “In seven more years, you guys will be sitting up front with me.” So Carol tells me about it at the dinner table. I said: “Brenna turns 16 in July, huh?” Carol said: “Yeap. Brenna is very excited to turn 16.” Then Bailey chimes in and says: “That’s why Brenna always has a smile on her face.”

We were at Tyler and Bailey’s piano recital, which was at their teacher's house. The recital was done and the kids were outside playing. Trevin comes running in cuz he needs to use the bathroom. So I go with him and as I’m shutting the door, he says: “Dad, the Priebe’s have a nice house.” I said: “Yeah, you like it huh?” He replied in a very impressed tone; and as only a male could: “Yeah, they have A LOT of stuff in their garage.”


KimnSam said...

Carol sounds like a mom on a mission.. that was me a few months ago before we got our car... you've got to admit, mom's do spend a large portion of their day in the car! I finally got so desperate that I put ours up for sale online, sold it and then had no car. I figured, it was all in the name of my final goal...

Brenna said...

Oh my goodness! I love Bailey! She is so funny! She makes my day!

Brandon Hunter Family said...

What a fun blog! Congratulations on the new baby!