Monday, April 27, 2009

Life Has Really Been Happening Lately

What’s new with us? Quite a bit actually. It’s been a while since I’ve updated so a lot has happened since then. Tyler participated in a Cub Scout Fishing Derby and caught two very large trout: 18 and ¼ inches and 17 and ½ inches. The only pictures we got were these on the tray after they had been gutted and beheaded. But those are bigger than any fish I ever caught even from Cotter’s Pond (my brothers and cousins will know that reference). So not a bad day for a kid who had only fished once before in his life.
He also has started basketball season. They played well in their first game, but still lost. A friend from church (Jerry Balch) and I are coaching the team together (he has a son on the team as well). I missed the first game though because I was in the hospital. More on that later.

This is what happens when you let a 3-year-old dress himself.

We are probably going to have Bailey do tennis again this spring, then in the summer let her do something else. Trevin is going to do some sports classes with me as well, and he is starting preschool again this week.Lastly, Caden turned two on April 23rd and we finally had a little party for him on Sunday. He loved the Happy Birthday song and sang it to himself. He also enjoyed having cake and ice cream and opening his presents. He especially liked the ice cream, because he hasn’t really been able to enjoy ice cream for many months, since we took him off dairy. However, his ears are working perfectly and we have let introduced dairy back into his diet again. He went to the Dr. last week and checked out perfectly. He has another cold now, so if he avoids an infection this time, then it’s safe to say he has been cured of ear infections. Oh what a blessing it has been that he went to the naturopath. We can’t thank Cory enough, and of course, the Lord as well. And speaking of our little two-year-old, these are some of my favorite Caden-isms at this point in his young life:

Oh my goodness
No I didn’t
Swing and a miss
I hold you (meaning “you hold me”)
What are you doing dad (or mom)?
Bye, hope you find a new job (when I leave for work)
I got it! (when the phone rings)
Lastly, he likes to climb up on the piano bench to sing and play (the best a two-year-old can) “I Am a Child of God.” Quite sweet.

The kids also had a visit from their Aunt Ginger and two cousins Caleb and Ellie, recently. The six of them had a great time together.

Now for my hospital story; we got a call at 6:00 AM on Saturday from Carol’s mom. Her dad has been in the hospital for a week, and from the call it sounded like he was quite possibly on his death bed. They requested a blessing and wanted me and our Stake President, President Nashif. He was busy working out and so I paced around for 45 minutes waiting for him to get back to me. I hadn’t slept much or had anything to eat since the night before, so I was tired and little dehydrated, I would learn later. We eventually met up at the hospital and we gave him a blessing. Then, just seconds later, as we were about to leave, I felt dizzy light-headed and nauseous. I knew I was about to go down, so I headed for Carol’s Dad’s bed and laid down. The nurse quickly took my pulse and it was at an alarming 84/45 or something like that. They wheeled me down to ER and long-story-short, I spent the entire day in observation, taking several tests and several labs. The good news; everything checked out fine and it was most likely just caused from those several factors I mentioned, plus the fact that I stood with locked knees for a few minutes during the blessing. All those things combined and my body reacted. Anyways, quite a funny story now, but not how I wanted to spend my Saturday. On the plus side, I did get to watch most of the Sox beating the Yanks while I laid in bed all day. As for Carol’s dad, he is making some progress and might be able to finally be discharged tomorrow. And as for Carol, be sure to read till the end for a good laugh. Now onto the latest funnies…

Trevin has reached a point in his life where he is all-knowledgeable. Every time we tell him something, he responds: “I know that.” So I told him something recently, to which he replied, of course: “I know that.” I said, “every time we tell you something, you say: ‘I know that.’” He replied matter-of-factly: “Yeah, because I know everything.”

A couple of days later, I told Trevin he needed to go get his teeth brushed. He replied with his new catch phrase. I then you need to go get your diaper on, too. Again, “I know that.” I then said: “well if you know that, then why don’t you go get it done.” He said: “I don’t knew that.” Then, as if he remembered our conversation, earlier in the week, he said: “There is only one thing, I don’t know. I know everything else.”

We had a lesson on foul and vulgar language for Home Evening a couple of weeks ago. We talked about words that qualify as “garbage words.” So the other morning Trevin comes into our room and says, “Dad, Bailey said dumb.” I told him that wasn’t a nice word to say. He asked: “Is that a garbage word?” “I replied, yes it is a garbage word.” He quickly headed back out to the living room to report to Bailey that she had used a “garbage word.” We didn’t hear her response, but Trevin came right back to our room and asked: “Is ‘so’ a garbage word?”

The boys were watching one of the Blazers’ playoff games this past week and as the broadcast came back from a commercial, they happened to show the Blazer Dancers, as they often do. Usually we turn the TV off for commercials, but Carol was changing Caden’s diaper so she didn’t get to it. So Tyler and Trevin were watching pretty intently and Carol said: “OK, you don’t have to stare.” Trevin responded: “Yeah I do.”

Bailey does not like kidney beans. She disdains them. We have them as part of our dinner meals quite regularly because they are so good for you. Anyways, we usually only give her like 4 or 5, but even that is a fight. We always try to tell her that if she eats them with other things on her plate that she won’t even taste them. She complains that no matter what, she still always tastes them. So I told her: “It’s all in your head.” Then, in all seriousness and quite emphatically, Bailey says: “No, actually, it all goes in my tummy.”

Tyler and Bailey were whispering to each other at the table. However, they were covering the mouths on the side and actually talking into each other’s noses. So Carol said: “Where do you hear from, your nose or your ear?” To which Bailey responded: “I can hear from my nose, too. I’m a hearer.”

Trevin was eating some of Caden’s birthday cake and forked basically his whole piece. Of course, most of it fell off and tumbled to the floor. Carol said in a frustrated tone: “Trevin!”, to which he quickly responded: “That was the cake’s fault.”

Carol has too funny habits while she sleeps. She likes to talk occasionally and it always has hilarious results. Unfortunately, when she is pregnant, she tends to snore a lot, too. She doesn’t too often when she is without child. Anyways, recently it has been getting worse, as she progresses in her pregnancy. When she does, and I’m still awake, I gently try to bump her so she will just kind of move herself without waking up. So I did this the other night and she turns over to me with a big smile on her face, but says nothing. So I made a snoring sound to let her know why I had bumped her. She turned away immediately, saying nothing. I said; “I know, you can’t help it.” I then named off several other things that she says “I can’t help it” about, all in a loving way, though. Then I said: “What else can’t you help?” I thought she was totally awake at this point, mind you, but she replies: “When I go to school.” I said “what?” She said, “That didn’t come out right.” Anyways, we both got a huge laugh out of it. So a couple minutes later, I tell her good night again and she appears to be awake, but then literally two seconds after she says good night, she lets out a big snore. I laugh and she says, “What?” I asked: “Didn’t you hear that?” To which she replies: “That wasn’t me, it was the keys.” I repeated it to see if I heard it right, then laughed so hard, I almost started to cry.” She heard the noise, but didn’t even realize it came from her. It was so funny. Carol has insisted that I put a disclaimer in to explain that when she does this, she is half asleep and half awake and usually is dreaming. She says she gets her dreams and reality mixed up and that is why she says the things she does. Whatever the case, I always enjoy a good conversation with a half-asleep Carol.


Stephanie said...

Carol is a good sport to let you even post this stuff!! I'd kill my husband if he tried it! (I sleep with my eyes open and he's threatened to post photographic evidence on Facebook).

Erin Dooley said...

I also snore when pregnant. I figure it's Jared's problem too because without him...I wouldn't be snoring. Therefore our solution is that he wears ear plugs:) If he pushed me to make me stop snoring while I'm 8 months pregnant...he'd have another thing all in all be thankful for YOUR wife:)

Switzer Family said...

oh my my my. good laughs today!

what was i thinking?! said...

You guys are a sitcom: "Everybody Loves Ricky" or something like that...

Ging said...

Thanks for the laughs. I am tired and they were much needed. I did not however laugh (too much) about your fainting spell.