Sunday, April 12, 2009

July Is Coming And Carol's Belly Is Growing

Happy Easter everyone! The kids enjoyed a good egg hunt here at the house and we made sure to remind them of the meaning of Easter with our FHE lesson last week. Plus, for good measure, some of the eggs had special messages in them to remind them that Jesus died for them because he loves them. We also hid an empty one to remind them that the tomb was empty after the Savior was resurrected. Hopefully they will remember that as they eat all their candy.
They also got a visit from Grandma Livingston and Monica on Saturday and Monica put on quite an egg hunt for them, they really enjoyed it and all the candy. Let's see, what else is new? Just an update on General Conference, I was replaying the first session on the computer one day this week and on two or three talks Tyler said: “Oh, I remember this talk.” And then he repeated what it was about. That was great to hear, and it tells me they indeed were listening at least some of the time. I have started up Wii Fit again, after a very long lay-off. My body has been feeling the pain all week, too. But it’s gotta be done. I need more energy to keep up with these kids.

We planted our strawberry bulbs this week, as well as a tomato plant, and we are anxious to plant the many other things we will try to grow in our first attempt at being Mr. McGregor. Let’s hope that pesky Peter Rabbit doesn’t show up.
Carol is doing well and the tummy is growing. Just three months to go, now, or maybe a little less. Trevin starts pre-school again in a couple of weeks, and Caden will probably be a little bored when he goes. He does well at entertaining himself most of the time, though. And he sure can talk up a storm. One of his favorite things to say right now is: “What are you doing, Mom (or dad)?” But he doesn’t necessarily like it when we ask him the same thing.

Bailey lost her fifth tooth this week, and this time she was biting the piano. Yeah, you read that right, the piano. She was holding up the lid with her teeth, so she could look inside the piano to see the stroke pads moving as she hit the keys. It slipped out of her mouth and her already loose tooth was hanging by a thread. Carol yanked it out and that was that. Hopefully this picture illustrates what I tried to explain.
One more thing; Bailey is quite thoughtful about remembering other people’s birthday’s and other occasions, and she drew this picture for her little cousin, Madison for her 2nd birthday, which is tomorrow. Here is a picture of it. She still plans to send it in the mail, but because it would be late we told her we could post it here for her cousin to see, on time.
Hope you all had a nice Easter. Now it’s on to the latest and greatest kids’ quotes:

Trevin was having some little stick pretzels for a snack and he had evidently stuck all of them in his mouth at the same time. He had a huge mouthful, and barely had enough room to chew. I said: “You need a drink.” He shook his head no. I said yes you do. He began to inch forward in his chair to head to the fridge, with a big grin on his face. I said: “See, I told you, you needed a drink.” He replied with a big grin: “There’s a lion behind you.” I guess that was supposed to scare me into submission.

Carol went in to check on the kids while they were sleeping. When she went to adjust Trevin in his bed, he mumbled something that she couldn’t understand, and then he said loud and clear: “In my royal underwear.” We have another Disney book to thank for that one. When Robin Hood and Little John rob Prince John in his coach they leave him nothing except his royal underwear. I guess that part really stuck with him.

Caden came back to our room and said to Carol: “I pee.” She asked, “You went pee?” he replied “yes.” She said, “It’s OK, you have a diaper on.” Caden replied: “Oh”

Carol got new frames for her glasses a couple months ago, which are kind of reddish. So, she recently updated her Mii on the Wii and made her frames red. She and the kids were playing the other night and she asked them if they had seen noticed the change. They said yes, and then Tyler said: “You should make yourself fatter because your tummy is fatter.”

Trevin left the bathroom light on and I called to him from our room to go turn it off. Nothing happened, so I continued to call for him. Finally, I got really loud; to make sure he could hear me. I wasn’t angry, mind you, just loud to make sure he could hear. He finally responded: “I’m coming right now, for crying out loud.”

Trevin, Tyler and I were getting ready to play basketball and I was helping Trevin get his basketball shorts on. He said: “We gonna win. And Tyler gonna lose. And then Tyler gonna pout.” So I tell Tyler about it and Tyler says “yeah right.” Then about 3 seconds later, Tyler says: “He might be right.”

The kids like tease mom about her growing pregnant belly, but honestly, they really aren’t getting it from me. Anyways, we tried turkey pepperoni on our pizza the other night and Bailey took a couple a bites then said: “This tastes different.” Carol told her it was turkey and said: “That means it has less grease.” Bailey then said: “But my pizza still has grease on it.” Carol replied: “But it has less grease.” Bailey then said (remembering something I once taught her): “Grease makes you fat. Mom, you must have been eating a lot of grease lately, cuz you’re kind of getting fat.”

My mom has done foster care for many years and she has had a little girl who is Caden’s age (2 this month) for most of her short life. So, the kids were asking Carol about when we got married and who was there? Bailey asked if Grandpa and Grandma Shirts were there, then if Grandpa and Grandma Livingston were there. She then asked if Monica was there (my youngest sister). She said yes to all of them. Then Trevin says: “But not Jaylyne, she was still in Grandma Livingston’s tummy.”

Bailey’s bed is made out of wood and kind of creeks when you get on it in a certain spot, at least according to Carol. So one night Carol climbs up on her bed and says: “Geez, Bailey, your bed sure is getting squeaky.” Bailey replied: “Yeah, because you keep getting bigger.”

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