Thursday, October 2, 2008

Garage Days Re-Revisted

Hey, it's me again. The fire-sale continues here in the Couv. We reached that point in life that all men seem to dread, but that women look forward to like a Pampered Chef party with their best friends. Yes, we had a garage sale and although it was not quite as successful as we had hoped, we have since sold several items (not forunate enough to be selected from our humble driveway) on Craig's List. Oh that Craig, he might be the only man I would kiss. was nice to purge ourselves of more of our things.

On to other news, Caden still seems to be doing well. For those of you who don't know, he was scheduled to have tubes placed in his ears because of never-ending fluid and infections. But thanks to prayer and a huge assist from my brother Cory, we took him to a naturopath (i don't know if that is spelled right) and his ears are doing very well. He now has his second cold since treatments began and during the first one everything functioned properly and no infections occured. So, he goes in next week and we're hoping that the same will be said for this latest cold he has.

School is in full swing and Tyler & Bailey are both doing well and we enjoy their opportunity to spend the day learning. Yes, we all need a little break now and then, am I right? Not too much else is new with us. I'm still looking for work (oh what fun) and Carol keeps doing her work-at-home job very well. Too bad it doesn't pay anything. Dang society!

And now on to the part you've all been looking forward too - The Quotes of the week. Unfortunately, I have not been as diligent to note them all down when spoken, so I'm missing some, but thanks to Trevin we still have these gems to share.

The kids had just had a snack and Carol put the graham crackers up on the counter. Trevin kept insisting he wanted more. So after a bit he took matters into his own hands while Carol was distracted folding laundry. When he walked into the living room with a cracker in his hand, Carol told him to put it back because he already had his snack. Trevin’s sly reply was: “Well it already touch my tongue, so I have to eat it.” Well played Trev-man.

Another one from Trevin recently: He had an accident in the bathroom and while I was on the floor cleaning up the pee, I asked him (because he’s had quite a few lately), “boy, when are you going to stop having accidents?” His response: “Uh, maybe when I 10.” I laughed and said, “Well I hope it’s sooner than that.” “Maybe when I eight,” he replied. No sense in aiming too high, I guess, but I just wish he had a little better aim around the bowl.

And the T-man once again: after several people had shown up and purchased things at our garage sale, a couple more came and Trevin says “I don’t want to sell anything.” I said yes, we’re going to sell everything. We’re going to sell you.” I then quickly said, “no, we would never sell Trevin.” He replied: “we would never sell anyone.” Then, after a few seconds to ponder his statement, he adjusted it with “we no sell anyone…cept Caden.” A few moments later he points to a woman who has just arrived, and says: “we sell that lady.” Luckily, she wasn’t close enough to hear it.

That's all for now folks. We would love to hear from you!

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