Sunday, October 12, 2008

Anything You Say, Can, And Will Be Used Against You

Not much new to report this week. Same old stuff going on here, except Carol is pregnant with triplets. Ahhh, just kidding, but I probably got somebody for at least a half-a-second. Anyways, here are the latest and greatest quotes of the week.

Carol has come up with a little game with Trevin when he doesn’t “have to go” to the bathroom, even though we have just witnessed the potty dance. Anyways, she tells Trevin that she can sing Popcorn Popping in its entirety before he goes. So if the kid ever has an accident in primary when they sing Popcorn Popping, then we’ll know who to blame. Anyways, he got up there this week after Carol made the challenge, and as soon as she hit “I looked out” he was doing his thing. Carol pretended to be disappointed, to which Trevin said: “Maybe next time.”

Another recent trip to the bathroom from Trevin brought an argument between mom and dad as to who would take care of clean up, which I’m sure is a common argument at many of your households as well. At our house I like to leave it up to the kids, because they always choose Mom. Oh, too bad for me, eh? So this time, Carol wouldn’t give in and I finally did. But Trevin wasn’t too happy with Mom dissing him, so he said “Mom eats poop…and I don’t like her pony tail.” Crude, but how could you not laugh when it comes out of the mouth of a 3 year old; especially the pony tail part. Who knew he was so interested in how his mom wears her hair, which was indeed in a pony tail at the time.

There is a little Halloween tradition in these parts where people leave candy at your door and run, and then you’re supposed to pay it forward to 2 or 3 other people. Anyways, someone dropped a bag on our porch on Sunday night and it included the classic “Bit-o-Honey” candy. So Bailey kept asking about it and on Monday after her lunch, she had a piece of it for her treat. And her critique after placing the little morsel in her mouth, in all seriousness, was: “This tastes like ‘bit,’ and it tastes like ‘honey’!”

And this from Carol: “We were watching some old video of the kids and Trevin was picking his nose in it. He was sitting with me at the time and I noticed that he was picking his nose again. I said to him ‘Trevin stop picking your nose, you were picking it in the video and your picking it now, stop that. It’s gross.’ His response, without any hesitation, was, ‘I put my boogers on the ground’ as he points to the floor. ‘I said right now you have been putting them on the floor?’ He answered in the affirmative. I said again that that was gross. He said, ‘No one can see them, they are too small.’”

Some more potty humor from Trevin (I know, a lot of this addition of quotes of the week centers around Trevin’s trips the bathroom, but what can I say, kids and potties can make for some good laughs). He has been having some “stomach issues” lately, so I asked him if his Tummy hurt. He said: “Yeah, that’s why I do that much poop.” I said, “Yeah, but it’s real runny.” He also has a little cold, so his response was: “Yeah, I have a runny bum, and I have a runny nose.”

We were listening to the “Dan Patrick Show” on the radio in the car, and turned it on in the middle of the conversation, which apparently centered around one of the staff being a vegetarian. Dan asked him, what he would do if he went down in a crash and had to eat a human, like the movie “Alive.” The guy said he would rather eat a person than an animal. Bailey was evidently listening and said, “Ewe, he wants to eat a person. How come that guy likes to eat people?”

And last, but not least. We were at the dinner table tonight, and Bailey announced that she didn’t want to get married. I said “that’s too bad. You can’t go to the Celestial Kingdom, if you don’t get married. Then you can’t live with Heavenly Father and Jesus. She said “so.” I said “So?” You don’t want to live with Heavenly Father and Jesus?” She replied, “But there’s no way to get up there.” I said, “yeah, once you die your spirit can just fly up there.” A look of unbelievable shock followed, then this: “Whoa, that’s so lucky.” We all laughed, then, she did too, and added “You should put that on your blog.”

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Kenz said...

HAHAHA! Oh you sure have funny kids...they must be Livingstons. Oh wait.... P.S. you totally had me there about the triplets thing! Even though I've moved out I'm still as gullible as Grandma Neda :-)