Sunday, November 2, 2008

The Latest & Greatest Bathroom Humor

Here are the kids gutting their pumpkins and the other photo is a shot of them with their cousin Nathan after he was set apart as a missionary a couple of weeks ago. He heads to Jacksonville, Florida on Nov. 12th. As you can see Caden was pretty sad to see his cousin leaving. ;-)

It's that time again. I know it's been a while. Hopefully that will mean you are more hungry for new material from my kids (they won't disappoint). Let me just say though, that my nephew Caleb has come up with one of the funniest comments of all time. If you want to check it out head to this address (my sister-in-law's blog and it is like the second thing down, called "Lovely boy-truthful and blunt." Absolutely hilarious and a must read, even if you don't know them.) Anyways, things are rocking here in "The Couv." School is in full-swing and we just had parent-teacher conferences. Both kids are doing wonderful, and for the second year in a row Tyler's teacher has recommended that he take a test to enter an accelerated program. So, this year we are going to have him do it. Bailey is also doing well in kindergarten, and we can really see her growing. Trevin still isn't so sure about pre-school, though. It's a work in progress.

We took all four kids trick-or-treating on Friday and they loved it. Even Caden had a pumpkin filled. Carol pushed him on the stroller and he caught on pretty quick. At each house he would hold up his hand waiving while is siblings got their treats. And as he did that, he would say "want one, want one." Needless to say, Carol and I now have a lot of options for late-night goodies after the kids go to sleep.

As for us, we are still very busy with home changes. our Craig's List and garage sale money is almost gone, but we have taken full advantage of it. We have started painting the whole interior and are making progress, but we can generally do just a little at a time. Usually just one of us works on it at a time, so we don't end up ignoring the kids. So that is what's new, in a nutshell.

OK, on to the quotes of the "past few weeks"....

Bailey told us the other day she had a headache. Often, when the kids tell us their tummies hurt, we suggest that perhaps a trip to the porcelain throne will help. So when Bailey complained of a headache, Trevin’s helpful suggestion was: “Maybe you should go poop.”

I know, it seems like 80% of these come from trips to the potty, but that’s life, right. Trevin was in there with Carol and his ever curious younger brother Caden. There was a little fuzzy stuck to Caden’s sock. Carol thought it was a booger, so she picked up Caden’s foot and put it in Trevin’s face, and said: “Here, eat it!” Trevin responded: “No, I already pick my own nose.”

The kids got an old children’s book that had been sitting around on grandma’s shelf for years. And you know that smell that books or many other things get when they sit around in one spot for many years; just that old musty smell. Well to put it bluntly, the book smells like that. Anyways, in this book there is an illustration of a little boy getting out of the tub. You can see his behind, and the kids think it is quite funny. Anyways, Tyler and Trevin were looking at it, and I got too close and got a whiff of the book. “That book stinks!” I said. Trevin’s reply: “Why, cuz that bum crack?”

Trevin was in the bathroom after doing his business and our home teacher showed up right as he was finishing up. As many of you know, the stake president is our home teacher. Trevin said to me, “I hope pre-i (president) Nashif du-int (doesn’t) see my poop.” I laughed and he then said, "Don’t tell him I say that.”

Trevin turned off the computer one afternoon by pushing the power button. He has been told many times that this is not something he should do. He enjoys watching old 80’s TV theme song videos on YouTube, which we introduced to the kids when were waxing nostalgic a while back. So he enjoys Gilligan’s Island, Laverne & Shirley, Dukes of Hazard and many others. Well, I told him he lost YouTube privileges for the next day because he turned off the computer. He said: “So, I’ll just tell Mom and she’ll say yes.” I started laughing quite hard because of his bold statement, to which he responded: “Dat not funny.” Needless to say, I had an even bigger laugh.

So we were watching funniest home videos tonight and they did a whole montage of babies puking in their parents mouths. I don’t know about you, but it almost makes me puke just seeing that. I continued to be disgusted by the whole thing and I told Bailey that she did that to me when she was a baby, and she jumped up and told me: “Oh yeah, I’ll do it again right now.” Anyways, when she did it as a baby it was quite disgusting, and it has forever scarred me (I may need counseling over this in the future). So, about 30 minutes later, after AFV was over, I was playing with Caden on the floor. I lifted him up over me and shook him (in a gentle fun way, not a psychotic shaken-baby syndrome way), to which he laughed whole-heartedly. So Bailey comes over and says “do it to me, do it to me.” I should have seen it coming. As I begin to shake her, she drools right into my mouth. I was grossed out and she was laughing her head off. “You did that on purpose, didn’t you?” I said. Still laughing at my expense, she nods in the affirmative and says, “yes, I wanted to see you eat it.” Oh my sweet little princess!

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Way to go Kent! your blog looks great and your kids are cute too!! Good way for us all to keep tabs on each other!