Friday, October 2, 2009

Giddy Up Horsy!

The latest and greatest news of our “Life and Times”: The kids had the opportunity to ride a horse (named Fergie) a couple weekends ago. Brenda, a friend from work, has a horse and said they could come out and ride it. So we hauled them out to the country and each of them took a turn. The three younger ones all rode with big brother Tyler holding them tight. It took some real convincing for Trevin and Bailey, but they had a good time, after they finally decided to get on.

In other news; Caden has had a cold now for about two months straight, so we finally determined that it must be due to his food intolerances. We visited the naturopath again and he concurred. So we have removed wheat, dairy, soy and peanuts from his diet again. Sugar is not good for him either, but if you take all those other things out, you can’t really make much of his replacement foods without sugar. So sugar will have to remain in small portions. His diet now consists mostly of rice: rice milk, rice bread, rice cream, rice crackers, rice cakes and rice cheese. Good thing he can still eat things with corn ingredients and fruits & vegetables. He is doing better, too, so that is what counts. It can take a while for his body to get rid of it all (up to six weeks according to the naturopath); but we hope that by the end of October he will be back to the way he was the last time we altered up his diet.

The Kids primary program is coming up the Sunday after General Conference and Bailey will be giving a small talk. Tyler will be part of a special music number (I Believe in Christ), including a solo by him for one of the verses. Trevin was assigned a talk, but after two practices and two break-downs we decided he’s not ready for that yet, so someone else will fill in for him. Now, enjoy the latest funnies and a few more pics:

Carol was on her way home from the doctor to pick me, Trevin and Caden up, so I told them to get ready to go. That included telling Trevin to go to the bathroom. So he went in our bathroom. As I headed in to make sure he was done, Caden came into our bedroom from the kids bathroom, with his shorts off, and diaper still on. He said to me: “Uh, I didn’t have to go.”

The other day Caden came out to the living room and he had removed his shirt. I said: “Hey, why aren’t you wearing your shirt?” His reply was simple and direct: “Because I took it off.” So I asked him why, and he said, “Because I put it in the laundry.”

So some of you may have seen the ad for the double feature of Toy Story and Toy Story 2, with a sneak peak of Toy Story 3? The kids saw it and seemed pretty excited about it. We would love to go see them, however, I don’t think our kids could possibly sit still for that long. And that is what I mentioned to them. I said: “That means you guys would have to sit there for more than three hours.” Trevin replies, totally serious: “Dad, I would have to go to the bathroom.”

So Carol and Trevin play a little game where she tries to kiss him on the lips, which he likes but plays hard to get and doesn’t let her do it easily. So the boys were watching the Ducks game on TV and a shot of the cheerleaders came up. Trevin, without prompting, and with a big grin on his face, said: “I could kiss them on the lips. That would be beautiful.” Later she was telling me about it and then she said to him: “Oh sure, you’ll kiss them on the lips, but you won’t kiss me on the lips?” He replied: “Yep, that’s how it goes.”

It was bed time and I told Tyler and Trevin that one of them needed to go brush their teeth (we have two electric brushes and Bailey was already using one). They argued over who should go, then I threatened them with losing privileges. Trevin followed me into my room while I was putting laundry away and said: “Well, I want someone to help me.” I said: “I want you to get in there and brush your teeth.” He asked, with the best pronunciation he could muster: “Immediately?”

Later, when he finally got in there to brush, I put his toothpaste on and noticed that it was different from the last time, and the time before that. I called to Carol: “How come you keep changing the toothpaste all the time?” Trevin then called out in her direction, in a very “can you answer that one?” kind of tone: “Carol?”

Bailey absolutely loves to play school right now and I think she repeats word for word what her teachers say everyday, each day when she plays at home. So she was at it the other day talking to her imaginary students and said something, then said "OK?" So I decided to respond and I said OK. She looked at me and said: “You’re not one of my students. You’re way too big. You should already be in high school by now, or something.”

Trevin and I were playing with these little carved wooden frogs that my brother Cory gave the boys. He said: “Who did we get these from, again?” I asked: “You don’t remember?” He said no, so I told him it was from one of his uncles. He said: “Eric?” I said no. then he said: “That guy who went to the airport?” I repeated in a very surprised tone: “That guy who went to the airport?” He then came to his senses and said: “Yeah, Cory. We took him to the airport” I guess even four-year-olds can have “senior moments,” too.

Bailey told us that a girl at school named Alexis told her: “I’ll give you a pack of string if you’ll be my friend” And according to Bailey, she responded: “Well, I don’t need any string, but I’ll be your friend.” She then added, as she repeated the incident to us: “You know, cuz, I have lots of string already.”

Trevin wearing Ammon's pajama pants
Ammon fell asleep sucking my arm
And he wasn't the only sleepy one
Caden wearing Ammon's sleeper. Believe it or not, this all Carol's doing. Trevin had it on, too, but he just looked too girly for me to post it. I have to protect my little men.
Caden loves his little brother's swing. This particular time he was wearing nothing but a soggy diaper.


Deon said...

I laughed and laughed about Trevin and kissing Carol on the lips. That is too funny. Tell Bailey I have a lot of string too. Never accept string as an agreement to friendship.

Ging said...

Good good stuff. I was wondering,.."If Trevin "likes my face" do you think it would be "beautiful" to kiss me on the lips?
Caleb loves to play school too. We play along and let him boss us and teach us stuff we usually didn't know. I am always getting points taken away for my behavior in class. Irony at it's finest.

what was i thinking?! said...

Is the book coming out for Christmas?

We enjoy hearing about your adventures.