Tuesday, August 18, 2009

It's Time To Laugh Again

We have been busy, as usual. The baseball season is now almost over (just one game to go for each of them this Saturday) and both Tyler and Bailey have done very well.

Tyler Behind The Plate

Bailey Goes Deep
Bailey Behind The Mask
It is fun to watch them each week. It is also very fun to watch Trevin and Caden waiting in the wings. Trevin is so ready to play, and he will next year.
The kids are having a good summer but it is passing very quickly, and now almost over. Tyler will be a third grader and Bailey a first grader. How is that possible? So the big news in our family is that Carol is………now the Gospel Doctrine teacher in our ward (some of you thought I was going to say pregnant again, didn’t you?). She is humbled by the call, but I know she will do great. Plus, it will be a good break for her from the kids at church, as I will have to handle both Caden and Ammon during that hour. I’m excited for her, which is good, because at least one of us needs to be.

We took a little three-day vacation a couple weeks ago, to Eugene and mainly to Florence to play at the coast with my parents and my oldest brother Scott and his family. We did a little sandboarding, swimming, canoeing, marshmallow roasting, and of course baseball (when we got back to Eugene). We also had two unexpected “near-drowning” incidents. First, Caleb, who is almost 8, fell off the dock into the lake we were staying near. He probably would have been Ok, cuz he knows how to swim, but I yanked him out of the water as he struggled to get himself oriented. The next day, Trevin ran down the dune and straight into another lake we visited, and I guess Tyler pulled him up. We were not even there to see it. My Dad was close by, but thank goodness Tyler was, too. That’s the third time now that Trevin has had that kind of experience. You think he would learn by now. Anyways, the kids had a great time with their cousins and were sad to say goodbye.

The garden is producing cukes like crazy, and soon all of our green tomatoes will be turning red.
We have several ears of corn, but so far none of them have been bursting with yummy corn goodness. The kids love the garden, though, so overall it has been a success and totally worth doing.

We did Ammon’s baby blessing a week ago and it went well, I guess. It’s not something I really enjoy doing in front of the entire congregation, and would prefer it to be a much more intimate thing.
Almost all other blessings are, so I don’t know why baby blessings aren’t, but oh well. Ammon is growing like crazy. He has his two-month check-up this Thursday and I’m guessing he will already weigh about 15 pounds.

Caden seems to have reverted to is old ways of being grouchy, fussy, and generally unhappy, most of the time. It also appears that many of the same symptoms are showing up that were around before he started seeing the naturopath last year. So, we have decided to take him back and see if the Doctor can help again. Everyone keep your fingers crossed for Caden.

Well, it’s been a long time coming for these, and I know many of you have been waiting for more. So without further delay, here is the latest batch of funnies (sorry in advance to those of you who don’t like potty humor):

We were at the table for dinner and Ammon was close by in his bassinette. He kind of stirred, and then let out a huge blast. We all started laughing, then I said: “Whoa, was that you Bailey?” because, of course, we are used to Bailey providing the “musical” entertainment for our dining experience. She quickly denied responsibility. Then, Trevin said to Bailey, with a wry smile and tone to his voice: “That was you.”

The other day Trevin asked Carol: “Do you still have a baby in your tummy?” She, of course, replied: “No.” Trevin then asked: “Where did it go?” Carol pointed at Ammon and said: “It’s Ammon, right over there.” Trevin responded: “Oh, I’m gonna go see him.”

Tyler recently went to Cub Scout Camp, and each day they would meet up and then carpool over to the site. It was in Portland, across the river, so Carol was asking Tyler if he knew where it was and if he knew how to get there. He said: “Yeah,” then he started trying to tell her how to get there. His directions were, well, lacking quite a bit of info. He did mention that you go till you get to this really tall house. He said “if you see that house it’s so tall that if you go to the top balcony, you would be like two feet away from the sky.” So Carol questioned him: “Two feet away from the sky?” He responded, “yes.” Again, Carol asked him: “Two feet?” He said: “OK, not really two feet.” As I was writing this down, I was questioning him and Carol on the details. He said in all seriousness: “Actually, if you go to the roof, then you would be two feet away from the sky.” He still needs some work on his measuring skills.

Carol was in the bathroom cleaning Trevin up and said, “I’m tired of wiping your bum. When are you going to start wiping your own bum?” Trevin replied: “Umm, I wipe by bum when I 19. First day of my mission, I wipe my bum.” A couple days later, the same scenario occurred and Carol asked him the same question. Trevin replied, emphatically: “I told you; when I 19.”

President Nashif was over to home teach us and he asked Bailey if she had been baptized yet (of course he already knew the answer.) She responded, then he kept asking her questions as to why not? She finally got to the crux of it and said: “Because you have to be eight.” Then Tyler chimed in (and he wasn’t kidding), and said to President Nashif: “You’re a lot older than me. You should know that by now.”

I was changing Caden’s diaper and it was extremely wet. I said “that is one soaked diaper, buddy. Holy Cow! Holy Cow!” As I was saying it I would move my face in closer to him. He said: “Don’t say cow!” I asked: “Don’t say cow?” He then replied: “Don’t say holy!”

We were getting ready to read scriptures and Carol and I were on the love seat. Both Trevin and Tyler wanted to push their way onto it as well. I said: “No, this couch is made for two. It’s a two-seater.” I then told them that it’s called a love seat. After I said it, I thought, so how am I going to explain this one? Of course they asked: “What’s that mean?” Then Bailey cleared it all up, and said: “That means the couch loves you.”

So around here Carol changes almost all the diapers. Caden (and Trevin before him) does not want me to do it. When I lay him down and get ready to, he complains and says: “I want mommy do it.” So the other day I pick him up and he is messy, so I ask him: “Who’s gonna change your diaper?” fully expecting him to say, “mommy.” But he says, “Ummm, Tyler.” I started laughing, but Tyler, who was in the room, quickly said: “No I’m not.” The next day, Caden was ripe again and after a discussion between me and Carol, she asked him: “Caden, do you want daddy to change your diaper?” He replied: “No.” So she said: “Who’s gonna change your diaper?” He replied: “Uhhh, Ammon.”

Bailey asked one Monday night: “So are we ready for Family Home Evening?” Carol said as soon as Dad’s done, but Tyler butted in and said: “No. I’m still looking for a scripture.” Carol, who had asked him earlier and received a positive response, then said: “I thought you already had one?” Tyler replied: “Apparently, I didn’t. I was mistaked.”

So Trevin had an accident as he was getting ready to sit up on the toilet. Thus it was aimed all over the floor and the bathroom mats. I went in to assess the damage and he says: “I had a little accident.” I replied: “Yes, you did.” Then I as I stood there, looking at the puddles and soaked floor mat; while silently contemplating the fun time in which I was about to partake, Trevin, trying to look on the bright side, said: “I only got a little bit on my underwear.”

Tyler and Trevin have to do certain things each day before they play the Wii. For Tyler, one of them is to practice the piano for 15 minutes. Trevin has to be read to for at least 20 minutes. So the other day Trevin had his reading done, but Tyler still hadn’t done his piano practice. We also have to do family scripture reading before they play. We were about to do that, but Tyler wanted to do piano first, because he said: “If we read scriptures first, then Trevin will be able to play the Wii and I won’t.” Then Carol said, “Then you’ll just have to concentrate on the piano and get it done.” Tyler responded very sternly: “Yeah, but how am I supposed to do that?”

Grandma Shirts came down one night to visit. She arrived at about 7:30 and Grandpa was not with her. Usually he comes, so the kids asked: “Where’s Grandpa?” Grandma said: “Grandpa’s in bed.” One of them then asked: “Why is grandpa in bed already?” Bailey replied: “Because he’s an old man.”

Now enjoy some of the latest and greatest photos of this summer...
Fun With The Birds On A Hot Summer Day
What Shade Is That?

Jay-Bird Giving Tyler a Bird Bath
Let Me Get That For You
Dinner With Hayden and Claire
Take us To Your Leader
Cool In The Shade

Mini-Mom in Action

Not a Halloween Mask

Best Mates

Ammon Giving It His Best Shot

I Must Be In The Front Row
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Rope Swing


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