Sunday, March 22, 2009

A Weekend Of Fun

Saturday was a busy day for us and it all revolved around Tyler. But first, Bailey lost another tooth this week, while biting a sucker. That’s three teeth lost by biting now; a sucker, pizza and the first one while biting me. This one had been loose for a while and in fact, it had been sitting there so long that her gum tissue moved down inside the hollow tooth and had formed into the shape of another tooth. Quite strange looking, but it is receding now, so hopefully it will take care of itself.
The kids went to a school carnival on Friday night with Carol and her mom and had lots of fun; and of course brought home a bunch of wonderful little goodies (or as I would call it: more crap to fill up the house). But they had a good time, so it’s all good.
On Saturday, Grandpa Livingston came up from Eugene for all the festivities. First, Tyler had his last football game of the season, and they played their best game of the year. Although they didn’t score, they held the other team to just one TD. That same team scored 6 or 7 times against them each of the other two times they played them, so it was a great moral victory. And in fact, the other team should not have been given credit for their TD, because the kid did some major flag-guarding on his TD run, but the refs didn’t call anything. But despite that, we felt pretty good about this game, compared to all the rest.
After his game the, team had a pizza party at Izzy’s (nothing but the best), which the whole family enjoyed.
But we still weren’t done. We then headed to the church for the Pinewood Derby. It was Tyler’s first time, and his car did pretty well. He ended up third overall, and he and I were both pretty happy with that.
He wanted a Blazers car, so this is what we came up with. Carol and Tyler did the painting and I took care of the cutting, sanding and grinding.
Plus, we got an assist from Jerry Balch (a friend in the ward) on the wheels and axles. All-in-all it was fun to watch, and 3rd place felt pretty good.
Plus, his car looked pretty cool, so in my bias opinion it had to have earned a few style points, too.

Here's Caden enjoying a snack at the Pinewood Derby

And here is Trevin doing the same

And this is a rare moment when Caden is actually enjoying being with someone who is not direct family. Congrats Jason Bird, you are one of the very few to have this privilege.

Well that was our exciting Saturday. No funnies this time, I haven’t been as diligent lately, sorry. But at least you can enjoy some new pics. And, if you enjoy faith-building experiences (and you haven’t already done so) read the entry just before this one.

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Joy Schmidt said...

Matt really loved the Blazers pinewood derby car, nice job!!