Sunday, March 1, 2009

Tighty-Whities, Karaoke And Taking Care Of Business

The football season continues and the so do the struggles. Tyler says he is having fun, though, so that’s what is most important. He has recently been made the QB, and he played there the full game yesterday. He did OK, and did rush for a TD, but unfortunately that was the only one his team had. But again, he says he is having fun, so good for him. Meantime, he passed off all 13 of his Articles of Faith and received a giant Hershey bar in primary. Also, Bailey and Trevin have already passed off the first two, which is pretty cool, considering Trevin is only 3. So what else is new? Not much else really comes to mind right now, so I guess I’ll just get to the funnies. Enjoy!

We were doing our family scripture study and were reading about the 2000 stripling warriors. Tyler asks Bailey: “Do you know what this is about?” She wasn’t really paying close attention, so we sang the line: “We are as the armies…” and she then guessed it. We said, “OK, who is that song about?” Again, we got an unsure look. So I said “the 2000…?” but still nothing. So I just gave her the answer. She then said: “2000, that’s a lot of young men to take care of.” Then, she went into a role play that could only come from the mind of a mother-to-be, and said (considering what it must be like to take care of 2000 young men, and as though she was them): “I gotta go to the bathroom. I gotta go too. I gotta go too” and then repeated several more times. Then as the caretaker, said: “Well, there’s no bathroom.” The day before, she was in that position herself at Tyler’s football game, and Carol could not take her. So I guess she applied that situation, x2000, with the stripling warriors.

Later, during that same reading time, I pulled up my long, black dress socks. It was Sunday, so I was already in my suit. Bailey said: “You have long socks. Ewe, Whitey-tighties.” So, a quick lesson on “tighty-whities” followed. Let’s hope that is all cleared up now.

So we get to church, later that day, and right as I’m about to get Trevin out of the car, I notice he has a booger on his finger. I said: “So what did you find? What are you going to do with that?” He looks at it, then, you guessed it. He ate it. I just don’t understand why anyone would do that. Anyways, I expressed my utter disgust and told him “that was so gross.” Then Bailey says: “Well Dad, maybe you should try eating one?”

The kids were watching a video from Grandpa Shirts’ 75th birthday weekend. Towards the end of the video there are several karaoke performances by different members of Carol’s family. The one of her mom singing Chitty Chitty Bang Bang is a classic, but that’s the only good thing I’ll say about karaoke. If it were up to me, karaoke would be banned from ever happening again, anytime, anywhere. It’s not my thing. I know, you are all so shocked. Anyways, during this particular weekend the karaoke went on long enough to last me a lifetime, and then several more hours after that. So, when the video reached that point I told the kids to turn it off. I said I listened to it enough that day two years ago and I didn’t want to re-live it now. Trevin, sitting right next to me, says: “Well, Dad, why don’t you just go to your room.” I lost out to karaoke. Ouch!

So Bailey says to Carol one night at the dinner table: “Take off your glasses, I want to see what you look like.” Carol removed them, and Bailey said: “You look a little bit like yourself.”

I was leaving for work one evening and said my goodbyes, then said “I wish I didn’t have to work anymore (meaning at night). But Trevin had an even better idea and asked: “For the rest of your life?” Wouldn’t that be nice?

Caden is to the point where sometimes he tells us what he is doing when he has to take care of business; and other times when we ask: “what are you doing,” he answers: “Pooping.” So he and Carol were in the play room the other day and were going to get our little plastic bowling set out. However, Caden felt the urge and since he’s not quite two, no time is as good as the present. Carol asked him what he was doing, and of course he replied: “pooping.” She asked him: “Do you want to play bowling?” he replied: “No. Pooping.”

Bailey and I were playing the Wii and Trevin was just sitting on the floor watching us. Carol was on the couch – covered with Bailey’s Disney Princess blanket – and told him to come and sit with her. He said no. She asked: “You don’t want to come and sit with me?” he replied, “No.” She asked him why not and he said: “Because you have girl blanky.”

Trevin has always had a hard time saying the “K” sound when it comes at the end of a word. We have been working on it with him for a lot, recently, and he has been doing quite well. So the other day, we were playing a game (I can’t remember which game, but it involved the color yellow somehow) and he was having a hard time saying the word yellow. I said: “Welwow, or…yellow?” he tried once or twice, then I said: “ya, ya, ya” and he then said it, but added a “k” sound at the end: “yellow-ka”.

So Carol and I were laying on Bailey’s bed after a long, busy Sunday, while she was hanging up the 10-12 different outfits that she had worn since returning home from church that day. Then, unprovoked, Bailey walks over to the bed and says: “Dad, you better not toot on my bed, or I won’t sleep on it anymore.” Carol and I had good laugh, to which se replied: “I’m serious, Dad.”

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Kenz said...

BAHAHAHA!!!!!!! Oh my lanta.... that was hilarious! First off, I feel now as if I was ripped off in primary. When I passed off the Articles of Faith I think I got a gold star and an invitation to recite them in front of everybody! Sheesh! As for the girl blanket, I feel ya, there, Trev. Ike didn't even like using the same sink as me to brush his teeth. Talk about cootie-fear to the max.