Monday, January 19, 2009

Trevin Weighs In On The Next Apostle

Howdy everyone. I know, it's been a while. Life just keeps getting in the way of blogging, but whattaya gonna do? What's new with us? Carol had a check-up today and everything is normal, except he found three more babies in there, plus two small puppies. Crazy stuff. OK, so that's not true, but then I shouldn't have had to add that for anyone, because no one is that gullible. Carol is doing fine and getting quite a little pooch, but after five pregnancies that is to be expected. She hasn't had any sickness lately. Actually, she never has thrown up, but she sure had a lot of nausia in the beginning with this one. The kids are excited and Bailey is really hoping for a little sister this time. Trevin, on the other hand, wants a boy. Tyler took his excel testing last week and said he enjoyed. He said the questions were very easy, but he says that about everything. We don't know when we will find out the results. Bailey is doing well in Kindergarten and she had her first opportunity a week ago to give a talk in primary. She did very well. She also recently lost her third tooth. Trevin enjoys playing Wii Golf and not having to go pre-school. He is doing better in primary though (read more about that below), which we are very happy about. Caden had had a cold pretty much straught for about 5 weeks, but through it all his ears have not had any infection, which is just a continued answer to prayer. He talks up a storm and throws fits like a champ, but he has gone to nursury without mom or dad two times in a row, so we are thrilled about that. We are looking forward to Tyler's baptism in two weeks (on Feb 1) and for he and Bailey to start taking piano lessons in another week. Also, Bailey started some tennis lessons this past Saturday and really liked it; plus Tyler starts flag football in a few weeks. So, life is busy, but it is good to be busy. And now enjoy the latest and greatest kid quotes:

For those of you who don’t know, Trevin has never been a fan of nursery, or preschool, or even the brief moments he has spent in primary. Well, with the New Year upon us, that means graduation to the Sunbeam class. It has been difficult getting him ready him for this transition, and for the past month, we have been trying to prep him for it; despite his continued insistence that he did not want to go. So Sunday January 4th was the first day of the new class. And lo and behold, the little guy actually did really well. We were very proud of his bravery. Now despite his good first day, his taste for primary is still, let’s say, a little sour. When Carol went to pick him up from class when church was over, one of the Sunbeam teachers informed us that when asked what makes him happy, he replied: “My Mom and Dad.” And when asked what makes him sad, his response was unequivocally: “Primary.”

And for good measure there was also this exchange. Trevin and Carol were in the kids’ room on a weekday morning just after his first Sunday in primary. As Carol opened the blinds for the day, Trevin asked: “is today Sunday.” Carol replied no, and Trevin said: “Yea, I don’t have to go primary.”

Bailey likes to play “going to the store" with her grocery cart and cash register. So we were playing together and she was running the register, while I shopped. After a while, she was ready to switch and said: “OK, now I’m going to buy some stuff, and you can be the cashew.”

Bailey and Caden were in the bath together and Bailey likes to do her brothers’ hair. She was messing with Caden’s hair and he was kind of losing his balance. Carol said to her: “Bailey, will just stop messing with him. He keeps losing his balance. I’m afraid he’s gonna fall.” Bailey replied in a total grown-up tone: “Oh just stop it. You’re not afraid.”

Carol was cleaning up after dinner one night and Bailey said to her: “You look pregnant!” Trevin was at the table, too and said: “She is pregnant!” Bailey said to Trevin: “You’re pregnant.” He quickly responded: “No I not. I boy. Boys not pregnant.”

Carol made some orange juice with the frozen concentrate mix. She rarely makes the stuff, and we never buy it pre-mixed. Anyways, Tyler takes a swig, and says in all seriousness, “You make delicious orange juice mom.” Good to see he appreciated all the blood, sweat and tears it took his mother to stir the stuff up.

Tyler got “Backyard Football” for the Wii for Christmas and he and I were playing a game. He had Ben Roethlesberger on his team, only he was playing wide receiver. Anyways, Tyler kept throwing to him and he kept dropping them again and again. I finally said: “Roethlesberger can’t catch anything.” Trevin was within earshot and went to Big Ben’s defense: “Maybe he don’t have any hands.” Well spoken young analyst.

I was downloading some more talks from General Conference onto my iPod and Trevin and I were reviewing the names of the Apostles and First Presidency. He is aware that Elder Wirthlin recently passed away, so he was asking about the new Apostle. I said we’ll find out in April during General Conference. I then said: “is it going to be you?” He smiled and said no, then offered this possibility: “Maybe Daniel Bird?” He is our Elder’s Quorum President, for those of you who don’t know. So indeed, Daniel, you must be thought of quite highly by Mr. Trevin.

Lastly, we were all outside playing on a sunny day in January, today, and Trevin said “Dad, I want to get my bike out.” I said: “Why, so you can ride it for 2 seconds?” “No,” came his reply. “OK, three then,” I said. Trevin then thought about it and said, “No….10.” I said, “10 seconds isn’t very long.” Then, as he climbed aboard his bike, he said in a somewhat pleading voice: “OK.......11.”

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Das Bird said...

Well since I missed the Stake Priesthood Leadership Meeting I think I am safe from getting the call to be the new Apostle. Plus I am sure there are about 1000 other reasons I am safe.