Sunday, January 25, 2009

Hey Ging, At Least Someone Notices You've Been Taking Care Of Yourself

Hello again. Not much new to report this week. We did celebrate Carol’s Dad’s 77th birthday last Thursday, and Carol’s mom provided another most excellent fruit tray. She has a gift with fruit. Carol’s sister Sharon and her family got him a little padded lap tray (seen in use below), which has to be the best gift he could have possibly received. And judging from that smile, I'm pretty sure he agrees.

I think he should just have it permanently attached now. Anyways, it was a fun time and we all ate really well. Carol did a great job on the cake, too. Ummmmm, cake.
Tyler turns 8 next Sunday and, as I’ve mentioned before, he will be getting baptized that night. He also starts Cub Scouts and flag football the following Wednesday. Our kids are getting older and that means life is about to get even busier in our home. That stinks, cuz I’m getting older, too, and I really just need more time to sit around in my chair and complain about the government and the weather; and maybe where some sweet plaid pants with a nice white belt. I don’t have the energy anymore to be chasing kids all over the house, let alone the city. The effects of old age are already creeping in. Oh, how sad. Well anyways, as promised in my last edition, here are the latest and greatest funnies. Enjoy!

Trevin has a little habit that whenever he has his shirt off, mainly when he gets a bath, he plays with his nipple. Don’t ask, I don’t know. I just try to ignore it. Anyways, sometimes I can’t and the other night as Carol was drying him off after he and Tyler got a bath, Trevin was doing some double-nipple action. I said what are those? He said “I don’t know (but he knows full-well what they are).” Carol, said: “Those right there, that you’re touching.” Tyler then says in all seriousness: “Those are your nibbles.” I’ll leave the jokes to you.

Carol was putting Trevin in his diaper to go to bed, and Caden walked up and saw him in his glory, pointed, and said: “Pee.” Trevin then said: “Yeah, that my Willard. You have Willard, too.”

Trevin and I were boxing on the Wii, and although I was trying to let him win, his arms just aren’t long enough yet, for the sensor bar to really catch his motion on boxing. Anyways, after a while, I finally knocked him down and out, to which he commented: “That was wude of you.”

Bailey was enjoying some ice cream after dinner one night, and was taking her sweet time. I asked her if I gave her too much. She assured me that I didn’t. About 5 minutes or so later she finished and pronounced: “See Dad, you didn’t give me too much. But I’m freezing.”

Carol was leaving the house and we gave each other a kiss and a hug (I know, ewe). Bailey was apparently watching and yelled: “I saw Mom and Dad fall in love!”

Carol was wrestling with the kids and they were trying to pull her off the couch. Tyler, not really trying to, put his hand on her stomach and kind of pushed. Carol said in a gentle tone: “Tyler don’t push me on the stomach.” Trevin then said emphatically: “Yeah, cuz her gonna get pregnant.”

The kids went back to get their pajamas on one night and Trevin came out with his bottoms on, but he needed help unbuttoning his shirt before he could get his top on. Carol noticed his pants were a little crooked, so she adjusted them. Upon doing so she discovered he had forgotten to put his underwear back on. She asked him, “where’s your underwear?” Surprised, Trevin then pulled the front of his pants away from his waist to check. After a quick glance, and without saying a word, he ran back to his room to finish the job.

Carol and I were reading scriptures and Caden came back to the room and just kept shouting: “Mommy, Mommy, Mommy.” Carol told him that we were reading scriptures and asked him if he could be quiet. He said “yeah,” then he started right up again, this time in a much quieter voice: “Mommy, Mommy, Mommy.”

We have a picture frame in our room and one of the photos contains a shot of Carol, my sister Leslie, and my sister-in-law Ginger. First (I feel a disclaimer is necessary), let me just say that I have no idea where Trevin comes up with all of these things he says, but anyways, he was looking at the frame and named off the three parties in that picture. He then said: “I don’t like Ginger’s mouth.” Carol said: “That’s not very nice, why would you say that?” He didn’t answer the question, but added: “I don’t like her lips.” Carol and I both just kind of waited silently, and then he added: “I just like her body.”

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what was i thinking?! said...

Thanks Trevin- I think. I guess plastic surgery is an option after I get my body back to the perfection in the photograph. Please send me a copy so I have a starting point- thanks!