Tuesday, September 2, 2008

From the Mouth of Babes

Hello again all you in blog land. One thing I would like to do with this is, is to share some of the moments of our lives with you all, including the smiles and laughs our kids bring us on a regular basis. We would love to hear the same from you. On Friday, August 29, we went to Honeyman Beach with Grandpa, Grandma and Monica. The sand boarding was fun and the weather was great. Even Caden loved going down the hill. Anyways, as we were getting set to leave, a car alarm went off. Trevin said: “That train, Mom?” Carol was busy with Caden and didn’t answer, so he continued to ask, probably 3 or 4 more times. Bailey finally replied, a little impatiently: “No Trevin, that wasn’t a train!” To which Trevin calmly replied: “I not tah-ing (talking) to you. …That train, Mom?” It was quite funny.

On that same trip, as we were heading there that morning, Tyler asked: “Mom, is the air conditioner on?” It was, so he asked if she could turn it off cuz he was cold. Carol pushed the button, and Tyler immediately said: “Ah, that’s better!.”

A couple days later Trevin was up in the room where we were staying, with us and said (in Trevin-speak): “Dad I want to play board game…with everyone. Except for Grandma, Monica and Grandpa.” I restated his request to which he replied: “Just with everyone in our family, (pause) except Caden.” “Not Caden?” I replied. “No everyone in our family, except Caden.”

A couple weekends ago we had a family reunion for Carol’s side of the family and while Trevin was playing on the playground, I was ready to do something else. He said: “I want to climb this one more time.” I said: “Wellllll…” And he responded: “Well Nuh-ing (nothing), I want to do this again.”

Just some of those funny little moments our kids bring us, as we’re sure yours do, too. So please share them with us.

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