Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Happy Number 2, Ammon (And 6, Trevin)

It has already been two years since Ammon joined our family. Amazing how fast time goes. He has been a wonderful addition to our home and he makes us laugh every day. Ammon likes sports like his brothers and recently has taken a real liking to wrestling. He goes after anyone in the family and really enjoys coming up behind his siblings when they least expect it; he then grabs them in a bear hug and pulls them down. He is quite strong and can even throw Trevin down if he grabs him just the right way. Ammon is also a real Daddy's boy right now. Every time we get out of the van he demands to get out on Dad's side. He also typically only wants Dad to get him out of bed. It is nice to be loved. We celebrated Ammon and Trevin's birthdays on Saturday. So here are few pics of our little guy and one of his older "twin" brother, Trevin. What a couple of handsome boys!

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