Sunday, December 14, 2008

Our Little Comedians

Oh these kids of ours. They just make us laugh all the time (except when they are driving us nuts in their less-than-rewarding moments). Anyways, we've had a good week of funnies around here. Plus, we attended our ward Christmas dinner and party on Saturday and for our two little guys, Santa was such a tramatic experience it could leave scars (see pictures below). We are getting ready for the holidays like everyone else. We are also getting ready to deal with a week of wintery weather. I know for many of you (in Utah & Idaho) this is no big deal, but we are not expected to get above freezing for at least the next six days. And we are expecting some snow this week, as well. That's in addition to the tiny bit we got today, which turned out to be enough to cancel church. Well, on to this week's funnies:

The kids have recently discovered wrestling with their Dad, and they are quite match. So we are wrestling the other day and during a break in the action, the kids got out a bunch of pillows and blankets and had them covering the living room floor. I said, "Wait a minute. Who said anything about getting all those blankets out?" Tyler said: "We said it to ourselves."

When Tyler gets a cold (like he has now), he gets a really nasty, dry, barky cough. Trevin was out on the couch with Carol the other morning and Tyler woke up and headed for the bathroom. He let go of one of his ugly hacks, and Trevin said to Carol, quite startled: "What was that?" Carol said: "Just Tyler coughing." Trevin replied: "Oh, I thought monster."

More bodily noises - While reading the scriptures the other day, Trevin was on the couch next to me. He pushed out a toot, then waited about 3 seconds, and calmly moved away from me over towards the other side of the couch. It almost worked, too. Carol thought it was me.
Speaking of tooters, while in the bathroom with mom at JC Penney's a woman in another stall dropped a bomb. Trevin asked what it was, and Carol just quietly replied "someone else going to the bathroom." He then said, "Was that the toilet?" Carol made sure to get out of their quickly to save the poor woman further embarrassment.

At our house, the kids always have fruit after lunch and dinner. Yesterday, Tyler asked if he could have a whole apple (cuz usually we make them share to make the fruit last longer). We said yes. Bailey then asked for a whole banana. We said no, and of course she said how come Tyler gets a whole apple. Trevin said "Cuz he bigger." We then gave in and let Bailey have a whole banana. Of course, Trevin wasn't going to stand for that and asked: "Can I have whole...grape?" Just so you know, usually we only give them half a grape each. Just kidding. They always have a good handful at a time, so that's why his request even funnier.

Me and the three boys were playing in the playroom and first Tyler knocked Caden down. He kind of whined a little bit so I asked him if Tyler did something. He replied in a whiney voice: "Yes." I asked him if he wanted me to beat Tyler up, to which he replied, again whining "yeah." A couple seconds later Trevin knocked him down on purpose. We went through the same line of questioning, only this time, I looked at his face while I asked the 'beat him up' question, and with a big smile he replied "yeah."

During another wrestling match Bailey jumped on me with quite a force and it hurt. I said, "Bailey, you're cruel." In all seriousness (and not familiar with the word cruel), she replied: "You mean cool?"

And last, but not least. Bailey likes to gather up all her dolls and babies and treat them as her children or school kids or primary class, or whatever else she can think of. She had them all on the couch today and was sitting in a little chair in front of them, while holding one of the smaller ones. Without prompting, she says out loud to herself: "I'm so bored of taking care of these kids all day, while their dad is gone. It's just so tiring." Carol assured me that she has never said anything like that.


Joy Schmidt said...

Matt and I were laughing so hard we could hardly breathe!!!!! My friend was in the public bathroom with her little girl and her little girl yelled "hey mom, come in here and look at my huge skid mark!!"

Kenz said...

HAHA! The laughter was erupting like a volcano! Nice work, Livingstons :-)